Caya: After 10 years of DreamIt Ventures Accelerator, what have you learned and what are you doing differently now?

Andrew: On day one God created Y Combinator, on day 2 TechStars, day 3 DreamIt. So number 1 it's a lot easier and a lot more efficient if you're vertically oriented.

So one of the things that really makes a difference is your ability to bring customers to the table; customers who are ready to partner, and want to do it quickly, that's basically air to a startup.

So, if you're vertically aligned you have more startups that are a good fit for any particular customer, you're bringing to them more frequently, and it's just easier for you to do. I used to make eleven, twelve, fifteen different biz-dev arrangements, different industry for each company. So, by necessity, the amount of successful introductions I could make no matter how hard I worked, we're limited. Now if it's it's urban tech, I got construction firms, I got architects, developers, prop manager... it just works much much faster.


What have you learned through the years of being an Accelerator?

Jan 4, 2018
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