Presentation Design Companies: 5 common questions about them and their answers

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Presentation Design Companies: 5 common questions about them and their answers
March 9, 2020

If the time has come for you to look into presentation design companies, you’ve probably already noted the high flux of businesses that are trying to captivate your attention to fulfill your presentation needs. How can you tell where to go or from whom exactly to request a business presentation design? What can you expect from these services?

We’ll try to sort out any doubts you might have in terms of presentation design companies over the course of this article. So please stick with us and let’s see where this takes us. 

What are presentation design companies?

Also named agencies, companies that offer the service of presentation design focus on either putting presentations together for people to use in their pitches or demonstrations, talks, training sessions, conferences and any other event of this nature or they stick to improving the visual art and design of an existing deck. 

Why would I need presentation design services?

The idea is for a presentation to move from its most basic design form to excelling, compelling, and professional material that’s much more competitive. 

The above is relevant to people who continuously work giving presentations. Said entrepreneurs or trainers need to attract audiences, and their success rate typically lies in the efficiency with which the information they need to share is absorbed by those who listen to them. 

Should I be thinking about getting a quote?

Our advice to you here would be to consider if professionally supported slides would not guarantee a better performance or business outlook for your company, as well. 

Does the answer to this by any means lean towards a yes in your case? Gift yourself a quote one day to clear your curiosity. Shop around to see what suits your needs and what options you have. All in all, allow yourself the opportunity to see how far your business slides could look with this type of assistance. 

Get an Online Quote

What’s the matter with conventional slides?

They seem fair enough, don’t they? New presentations made with the slickest of business templates, for example. Why would anyone not have enough with the pre-formatted slide decks that new presentation software online has to offer?

Questions like these are valid. If you’re having second thoughts hiring a professional to improve your VC pitch deck, for example, a successful business template from a famous startup like Airbnb or Facebook can undoubtedly look like an attractive enough deck to pay a few hundred dollars on a professional designer. 

We certainly understand why basic templates do the trick. We even promote the use of them over personal customized presentations that you build from scratch. 

However, when you bring an agency or a presentation design company into the game, you’re not just hiring a single person to tidy up your startup pitch deck a little, for example. We need to remove those preconceptions and business expectations when dealing with presentation design companies.

What can I expect from a presentation design agency?

Contrary to what we mention in our last paragraph above, there’s a lot you can expect from hiring presentation design services. To begin, you should be able to sit down and have a call, at least, or a video chat or phone interview. That should be the first step in your process of getting a professional design. 

The above takes for granted that you’re not in the vicinity of a presentation design agency. If you are, ask for a personal walk-in if it makes you feel even more comfortable. 

For some, the speed and expedited service of online platforms is a win. It saves you time and parking fees where applicable to a similar result. However, we can understand the appreciation of a handshake and a face-to-face meeting. So ask and look for a 1-1 if that makes you feel more at ease.

How can I prepare for my first connection?

It would be helpful if you had an idea about the format in which you need your delivery, the final number of slides you’ll want to get, and other project specifications in case you have peculiars. 

What happens after my initial contact?

Then, a qualified professional should be able to go through your expectations and needs. They should explain in detail what their business offer is before you move on to the first development stage. Make sure to clarify on time, for example. How long will it take before you get your final result is a proper query to be asking of your providers. 

At least in the case of Slidebean, your initial interview takes place directly with our CEO and co-founder, a person with broad experience in delivering pitches, starting and growing a business, and much more. We also offer different timeframes for deliveries, with our expedited service making a finished deck available in as little as 48 hours. 

Once our CEO goes over your needs and pitch deck possibilities, you’ll need to send any material that might be required for a team of designers to start working on your visual references. As we said, this is typically a team, which makes a significant difference from hiring an independent freelancer. 

You won’t need to do much. But wait as the agency drafts your content to suit your presentation topic better. When you hear back from the company or agency, you should be able to get a look at what the industry sometimes terms your “first revision.” 

Do I get a say in what they do with my slides?

Agencies typically expect to hear your opinion in regards to the initial deliveries of your new content. You should be able to have a say in what best corresponds with your brand. Your feedback can best include the vision of your company culture. You are the one who knows what needs you may have in the way the new material will serve your target audiences, and much more. 

Remember, you can also request a non-disclosure agreement. 

Remember to check previous work samples!

Here’s a last piece of advice before you go. Please always see samples! An agency’s sampling of their previous work is somewhat like your compass. The service you’re hiring is creative. That nature restricts the view of the exact result you’ll be getting in response to your company or business needs. However, their previous finished work can tell you what line of outcome you can expect. 

While we’re at it, here are our samples of completed tasks in case you want to take a look. 

Presentation Design Companies: 5 common questions about them and their answers
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