Private data from your friends company

September 6, 2018

Ever wonder how much revenue your friends company (or competitors) are doing?

I recently came across a founder database Nathan Latka created where Founders and CEO’s share their customer count, revenue, funding data, and more.

Click here to get one of his last free copies  (He limit production runs to 10,000 copies)

Click here to get one of his last free copies (He limit production runs to 10,000 copies)

He is about to reveal all of this data in a new physical magazine for Founders and Entrepreneurs with 56+ pages dedicated exclusively to valuations, revenue, data, and growth hacks founders used to hit $1m in revenue.
Many weeks he’ll conduct 50+ interviews with Founders and CEO’s in 15 minute, back to back sessions, over Zoom.

He doesn’t publish everything he learns - there are simply too many interesting storylines and too much data, like:

  1. 100 growth hacks to get your first 100 customers
  2. Easy way 37 founders hit $1m in revenue in under 12 months
  3. Presentation secrets that helped 309 founders raise $1b

Starting this month, he'll be publishing the only magazine dedicated to HARD data from private companies.

Think of it like the “Swiss bank” of private company data.

Click here to tell him where to ship your copy.

In this months issue, he’s releasing previously unpublished revenue data on 300+ private companies ranging in revenue from $1m-$100m.


For those who get the magazine, he has a special treat for you related to a big beautiful excel file for Slidebean folks only (thats you!)



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