Can entrepreneurs find "racism" in the VC community?

January 8, 2018


So, you look kinda of black....


Kinda black...


So do you feel that with investors or with VC communities, you feel that it makes a difference somehow?


I definitely do think that it makes a difference or at least, we should be aware that there's a difference but I don't think that investors, or the VC community is deliberately trying to be racist or deliberately holding people back, deliberately being sexist or things like that.

I think what's going on is that there's an implicit BIAS in our jobs and in our in our roles where perhaps for an investor or someone who doesn't look like me doesn't come from the same background a neighborhood it may be harder for them to believe the story that I'm telling, and similarly you know, for other people who are defined as the "minority" it could be it could be a
part of the LGBT community it could be a woman it could be black, latino or whatever.

You know we have to realize that we are coming to the table with experiences of stories that are not necessarily the norm even though they could be very well viable businesses and because of that there tends to be a disconnect and then similarly on the opposite end of the table as an investor you have a world view you have and idea, how you think the world works and that
world view is shaped by your experience so if you don't interact with a lot of people of color or if you don't have the healthiest relationship with women and how you view women in the workplace that's gonna force... That's gonna change the way you make decision.

But, ultimately I do think that people are well-intentioned, I don't think people are malicious.

So, there needs to be a change in how we

interact with each other for there to be better parity or equal access to opportunity. But I think the best thing, though, for folks of color or people who are in the minority, so to speak, is to seek out investors who reflect your perspective do better research on the people that you're going after so that with less or no intensify bias.

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