PowerPoint Online Alternative: Key facts you should know

Are you having to give a presentation and looking for a PowerPoint online alternative? We'll throw around the main differences between Slidebean and PowerPoint to help you create an excellent presentation. Especially if you're after a solid pitch deck, give our templates and platform a try! We'll explain here a bit of how that goes. 

The pioneers of presentations

First, we wouldn't be here if it weren't for the historical origin of Microsoft's product. It gave birth to a legacy for all Powerpoint online alternatives. Trying to deny this forerunner would mean ignoring the lineage of the business presentation and design industry. 

This tool gave birth to presentations via computers. And that fact moved humanity away from old projectors. Out went handmade materials and so many other live supporting documents to speak in front of audiences. 

A variety of features can get complicated.

PowerPoint is also very widely used. It's a popular option in terms of presentation design! And there's much freedom in that. 

The number of features it has is part of its notable benefits. And those can backfire. They can also make the tool harder to use. That's why courses on it started to sell. Users needed teaching to handle this software. The truth is that its learning curve is considerable. And, even though people build presentations often, the frequency in its use doesn't equal command. 

There are simple ways to avoid many mistakes. In the case of Slidebean, artificial intelligence solved a lot. It eases plenty of customized options for users. And it does so in seconds with a single click. 

Knowing how to design well isn't a professional field of study for no reason. Many options and choices can confuse a user and lead them down paths from which it's tough to come back. 

Customizable design

So, weigh in the ability to resort to many different options versus Slidebean's automated feature. PowerPoint gives you various tools when a much newer tool comes with a single customization button. 

At Slidebean, you can upload text and images like most platforms. And the app customizes a branded presentation. On PowerPoint, there are many single features you can manually use one after the other if you want. 

Cutting back on time

In the long run, Slidebean saves considerable time. It renders a smart design that goes well with a company's branding needs. If you have time to focus on every single aspect of a presentation by hand, then a time saver might not be mandatory for you. However, take into consideration how a naked eye can do a faultier judgment of color combinations, for instance. AI tools can perfectly match in seconds, instead. 

Separate content from design

We'll go a bit further into how presentations look. It's good to be able to work solely on design when you're creating a presentation. Design and content are two very different aspects of a deck. 

The above is why Slidebean separates work on a slide's design from anything having to do with its content. That makes it easier to focus on each. The overall result is simply a lot more reliable. 

On PowerPoint, however, crafting content and design must happen all at once, which can be tricky in some ways.  

Online availability across devices

Another difference with Slidebean is how it can run entirely on the web. Access presentations from any location with the power of the Internet. Account login and logout are all it takes! 

Anyone needing exclusively online services to create business presentations can enjoy its lack of download. And the app works on cloud storage, too. For those who like clouds, that can be a big plus. It's also great that the software runs appropriately across devices. And secure encryption is just a must nowadays.

With PowerPoint, however, download is a requisite. And installation makes access to presentations dependent on room for storage. 

Startup focus and pitch decks

Another significant aspect that makes Slidebean stand out is its focus on startups. Our AI software is uniquely tailored to help startups out in their business endeavors. As such, entrepreneurs can easily find the best pitch deck templates on Slidebean. They can also find virtually any template for any business presentation. It's quite a treat!

We also focus on outstanding pitch deck presentations. The idea is to make you and your business look good. That's why startups and small business owners usually prefer us. 

You can create those kinds of presentations on Powerpoint, as well, of course. Yet, that program doesn't focus exclusively on pitch decks. We go as far as our experienced consulting and design services, for instance. 

That focus alone makes it a much longer process on PowerPoint to end up with a similar quality of a product as you'd attain on Slidebean in a matter of seconds.

Startup resources and advice

We also offer additional tools and resources for startup founders and business people. Our blog focuses on startup insights, public speaking skills, and even growth marketing. Our CEO's YouTube videos are always a source of tons of experience-based startup knowledge, as well. And we continuously produce many more materials of that nature. 

Starting a business can be an enormous task. And Slidebean's startup insight can be helpful in that. It can eventually support significant parts of your business and career. We consider it an excellent complement to presentation design that brings it all together.

The power of knowledge

Slidebean also gives users essential data on presentations stats. For instance, analytics tell you what's happened with a pitch deck once you send it over email or put it out on the web. The tool lets you see how many people viewed it. This feedback is invaluable in terms of marketing. It's also a need to know if investors or potential sales targets have even opened email attachments or visited a link. 

To recap on differences

All in all, astonishing and professional presentations only take a fraction of time on Slidebean. Yet, the more customary and famous option of PowerPoint with a vast amount of features is what most people know since times memorial. 

Sometimes no platform is good enough 

The truth is that some Powerpoint online alternatives are great as user-friendly options. And personal work can help some of our business back-ups. But there are times when we just need a top-notch professional deck. One of those can impress much more than any self-produced result ever will. In those cases, we recommend resorting to Consulting and Design Services. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you ever need help.

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