Vorlage für ein Meeting mit allen Händen

In einer All-Hands-Meeting-Vorlage versucht ein Unternehmen, die Mitarbeiter und Leistungen jedes Teams anzuerkennen, die Ausrichtung auf Strategie, Endziele und Prioritäten voranzutreiben und schließlich Raum zu geben, um Fragen zu stellen und zu beantworten. Probieren Sie es noch heute aus!
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Slidebean has held an All-Hands Meeting Template every week from the moment our team passed the 10 people mark. In our meeting we try to acknowledge people and accomplishments of each team, drive alignment around strategy, end goals and priorities; and finally, give a space to ask and answer questions.

These are all things that any company needs to do, and an All-Hands provides an excellent stage to get these done on an ongoing basis. Our presentation has changed many times over the years until we landed on this version. BY FAR THE BEST TO DATE, that is why we’ve decided to make it into a template and share it with all of you!

Our meetings always start with Management updates, a core value in Slidebean is transparency and with this section, we make sure everyone knows what the status of the company is. We go over key metrics, company updates, special news and also reserve a spot for kudos. Putting people first is a big part of our company and our All-Hands meetings are a great moment to acknowledge hard work and reward it.

We then move to an Operations section, this is a more “formal” part of the meeting where we introduce new team members or anniversaries, share any announcement and go over upcoming Holidays. Slidebean has a multicultural team that is also based on 2 different countries (Costa Rica and the USA) so it’s important to stay on top of the different holidays, double pay or if team members are going away on vacation.

Our Team Updates part is very Slidebean-esque but it can change to fit any specific team. Each team discusses:

  • Key Metrics
  • What projects they are currently working on
  • What projects are ready to launch
  • What projects are ready to go live.

We have also include pertinent metrics and/or goals for the month. This section is also very important because is all about Accountability. Plans don’t always unfold as anticipated (this is not a bad thing per se) but standing in front of everyone and explaining why is best for team learnings and growth.

We finish with a Summary section, this is a great opportunity to remind the whole team what the goals for the upcoming week or the rest of the month will be.  We also use this time to go over anything we might have missed during the meeting and as an open a space for questions.

Having a weekly meeting has helped us hold onto our company culture, values and push for bigger goals as we scale, it also gives everyone time to relax and drink a beer 🍻.

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