OpenDoor Pitch Deck Template

This is the pitch deck Open door used to raise $10M back in 2014. Use this template as an inspiration to build yours.
Series A
Real Estate
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opendoor pitch deck template
opendoor pitch deck template slide
opendoor pitch deck template slide
opendoor pitch deck template slide
opendoor pitch deck template slide
opendoor pitch deck template slide
opendoor pitch deck template slide
opendoor pitch deck template slide
opendoor pitch deck template slide
opendoor pitch deck template slide
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Amazing Pitch Deck Example by a Unicorn Startup

When it comes to pitching your startup to potential investors, your pitch deck is often the first impression that you'll make. It's important to make sure that it is not only polished and professional but also effectively communicates your value proposition, team, and growth plan.

One company that has nailed this approach is Opendoor, a real estate startup that has revolutionized how we buy and sell homes. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at some of the key elements that make Opendoor's pitch deck so effective.

Opendoor went public in 2020. The terms of the deal value granted Opendoor a $4.8 billion unicorn status, and the market seems to have reacted positively to the news.

This template is a redesign from the pitch deck they used to raise $10M in 2014.

Deck Details

  • Opendoor: Founded in 2014
  • Stage of financing: Series-A
  • Stage of the company: Early-Stage, development phase.
  • Lead investors: Y Combinator, Khosla Ventures
  • Amount raised: $10M
  • Total amount raised pre-IPO: $1.5B

What makes the slides special?

Title slide

The branding and logo have protagonism, which immediately establishes the company's identity. The value proposition is also summarized in a 5-word, effective slogan. The deck's purpose is made clear with the statement "Series A Financing," which introduces the investors to what they're getting into.

Team slide

Real estate is all about reputation. Having the backgrounds of the founding team members listed is a great way to give investors confidence that the team is composed of people with the necessary experience and skills to execute the plan.

The problem

One of the most important things for any pitch deck is addressing the problem that the company is trying to solve. In Opendoor's case, the problem is the inefficiency and complexity of the residential real estate industry. This slide is clean and to the point, with 3 keywords highlighting the major issues faced by homeowners.

Current state of affairs

This slide helps expand the problem and set the stage for the company's solution. The market size slide uses prices and numbers to demonstrate the potential of the market. This provides investors with an understanding of the scale of the opportunity.

Market size

The Market size slide is a powerful tool for showcasing the potential of the company's market. Opendoor uses prices and numbers to demonstrate the scale of the opportunity in the real estate industry. This helps to establish the company's potential for growth and to attract investors who are looking for a strong return on their investment.

Our experience, aka The solution

Opendoor's solution is a three-step process that allows customers to sell their homes in a matter of days, compared to the months it can take in the traditional process. By presenting their solution immediately after the problem, they demonstrate a clear understanding of the issue they are addressing.

Proof of need/acceptance

They use this slide to compare and contrast real estate with other areas of domestic investment and extrapolate a fundamental user behavior from the data. This helps to establish the need for the company's solution and to demonstrate that there is a real demand for their service.

Unique Selling Point

Their unique selling point is the net discount of 6% as compared to traditional costs, which are too high. This is a great way for the company to communicate the value of its service and stand out from the competition.

Business Model & Strategy

The Business Model & Strategy slide is a great way to communicate the company's financial plans to investors. In Opendoor's case, they used a waterfall chart to show their cost structure. This is a smart and simple way to present this information without going into too much detail. It also constitutes the basis of a budget by allocating percentages of the company's revenues to each department or cost center.


This slide is an important part of any pitch deck, as it addresses the potential challenges that the company may face. Opendoor presents these risks in a straightforward manner and outlines how they plan to mitigate them and their potential consequences. This shows that the company has a deep understanding of the market and is prepared to face any challenges that may arise. This slide also shows strategic thinking behind and objective targets that have set for the financing of the company.

The plan & Impact

The last two slides outline the company's strategic development plan for the coming four years in three successive phases. The initiatives and goals for each phase are described, which gives investors a clear understanding of the company's plans for growth.

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