Small Bag of Beans

About the product:

  • A small bag of Magic Beans
  • A goodie box, including official Slidebean stickers
  • Ships fresh, fast and FREE
  • 3 months free on our Starter Plan
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The Bean Extravaganza

About the product:

  • A BIG bag of Magic Beans
  • An extra bag of goodies, including a Slidebean official T-Shirt
  • Ships fresh, fast and FREE
  • 6 months free on our Starter plan
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What are you guys selling? 



What type of beans? 

Magic Beans 


Are they real? 

Yes they are; you will get them on your mail.


Can I plant them to grow a magic beanstalk? 

You can plant them. A beanstalk might or might not grow. 


When will my beans arrive? 

US Shipping times will be 3-5 days. For the rest of the world, expect a delivery in 7-14 days. 


Can I cancel my beans? 

No. We're not a bean factory.