10 Best Startup Listing Websites

October 23, 2019

If you’re after the best startup listing, we know you may have looked around for a while. How to know which works best? And how can we cut you some time from having to surf the web to find trust-worthy startup listing websites? Those two queries take us to the following article. Stick around if you’d like to learn more!

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Not long ago, we covered the 5 Best Startup Directories. In doing so, we detailed a bit how startup directories work to then focus on the following 5 websites:

  • Crunchbase
  • Google My Business
  • Launching Next
  • Index.co
  • Alltopstartups

If the information on these five is that in which you’re most interested, feel free to go to that article to read more. Otherwise, let’s cover another five online sites to give you the 10 Best Startup Listing Websites altogether.

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AngelList themselves swear by AngelList Venture’s “over $1 billion in assets under management and 23 unicorns in the portfolio, including Lime and Robinhood.”

Not necessarily positive, per se, yet AngelList does have you swimming with what were “Over 45,000 startups [that] created a job listing in 2018.” (only!) Yet, and if data peaks your interest, “Over 75% of startups that announced seed funding from leading U.S. investors in the last two years have raised, recruited, or launched on AngelList or Product Hunt.”

The truth is that AngelList’s popularity varies depending on who is judging. As a platform that links entrepreneurs with angel investors, there is definite profit in being able to see AngelList for what it is. Succinctly put, this is a platform to be used for communication (and a pretty solid one for the parties it connects in its category, too) and not necessarily a way to position a company in terms of investment methodologies or preferences. If used right, which includes not pretending access to AngelList will figure out the hard road for you in considerable ways, there truly is not much to lose by having an account with them.

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Killer Startups

Beyond just a startup listing, KillerStartups offers training and other tools mostly for website owners and entrepreneurs. Launched back in January 2007, their valuation is tracked at $1m - $2m and it might not be all that surprising to find your startup listed and reviewed without your actual action, since the website has been reported to engage in coverage efforts beyond active listing by company owners.

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My StartUp Tool

Based out of the UK, My StartUp Tool is not only a startup listing in itself, but it is also a startup submission service tool, which means the site “submit[s] your website to the most and best places for startups in order to help you gain exposure, improve SEO and get more customers.”

In fact, the website itself explicitly states how they will “[...] manually submit your startup to all the directories that are relevant to you” and the idea is to do so by filling out a single form.

In terms of pricing, however, and at this time, this submission service comes under 3 different options that vary in terms of the number of submissions per price range with the most expensive option being solely available for companies with apps. In terms of confirmations, you get one every time they submit your startup to a directory that makes those available or they will send a screenshot as proof. This all comes along with usernames and passwords for each directory’s profile.

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Product Hunt

Known as the go-to spot for companies in tech to launch new products, it is also a place for VCs to scout new business ideas. Founded back in 2014, it was only about 2 years later that Product Hunt was sold at $20 million to AngelList (remember the top of the list up there?) The site is mostly known for focus on the latest apps, websites, hardware, and tech. If you are in the gaming business, this might also be a good place to position your business as this truly is amidst the best directories out there.

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Reddit r/startups

Reddit is full of subreddits, such as Reddit Startup Ideas or /r/entrepreneur. As mostly a social news site, Reddit’s content works with promotion and curation through a voting system from registered members, which currently means about 368k people. Founded back in 2008, r/startups Reddit allows people to share startup links and information. In fact, the available information on this site is mostly aimed at starting successful businesses, which, to name one, includes interviews with founders.

A Word of the Wise

You may or may not have wondered to this point why it really matters in which directory you position your company. Beyond a matter of plain wasting your time or not, we would not want to wrap this article up without a word of the wise.

Take into consideration how Google works in terms of spam on websites, rankings, and tracking. When Google detects spam on a website, of which some startup directories can have too much, it gives them a low rating. What this means is that submitting a business there will be of no value. On the contrary, your business reputation could be hindered by showing up on spammy websites, which can directly affect your own rankings in terms of websites. Therefore, always go through with a thorough check of a company’s Domain Authority of a website (DA) and make sure to stay away from websites that have been labeled as spammy.

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