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Beautiful AI vs. Slidebean: A comparison lots of people want to make. Presentation software comes in so many forms now that there’s no point in sticking to an old program—especially not one we’ve used for years. Knowing our way around a given tool’s excellent for our working speed, we can undoubtedly factor that notion into our general thoughts. Yet, our current tech is so capable of working much more into presentations nowadays! There’s no sense in missing out on the positive spin it can give our businesses. Artificial intelligence, such as the one we integrate on presentations, is an especially great example of that. But we want you to compare options, so let’s get to it.

What is Slidebean?

Put simply, Slidebean is a web-based presentation program. However, it shines for enabling users to quickly create stunning slide decks. And, as we said, it’s also powered by AI. 

Users can work on content and design as items separate from each other on Slidebean. This fact makes putting slides together with a much more manageable task. And the tool enables users to solely focus on their content if they so choose. The app takes care of the rest automatically. 

Aside from giving great designs in only a few clicks, the tool’s also free. And particular to other platforms, startups are our target market. The company is clearly focused around startups, tailoring to marketers, and small and medium-sized businesses. 

Is Slidebean only a presentation software?

We’ve been in the presentation market for years now. And we’ve gained tons of valuable experience at that. Yet, as a New York startup that’s also Costa Rican based, we’ve also gained tons of treasured trajectory. Especially as a VC-funded startup, we’ve got a lot up our sleeves. And yes, we surely bootstrapped for a while. And made it! 

The point is that all of the above expertise naturally puts us in a very privileged position. We thus offer professional services specific to the industry, and those are all directly related to presentations. Through our content and design pitch deck service, we simply make the best of the stellar team of our talented business analysts, for example. The same happens with our design agency, through which we’ve helped over 30,000+ happy customers. 

Aside from the 16,000+ pitch decks users have created here since 2015, we also have a range of around 250+ consulting projects in the last 12 months alone. And that’s only added to a side 150K+ YouTube channel subscribers. We just do so much more! 

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What is Beautiful.AI?

Beautiful.AI is also AI-powered presentation software. It attempts to be fast and easy for users, and its goal is to build clean and modern slides. Focused on design, though, it updates the slides as you go. And it does so in 3 steps. First, you choose a theme. Then, you pick a template, and finally, you get to add your content. The app does all of the rest for you. 

How do Beautiful.AI and Slidebean compare?

Both Slidebean and Beautiful.AI are software centered on a presentation’s design. And they both rely on artificial intelligence to do so. The two let you focus on your content, and they become almost effortless to use. However, a few of the features work differently on each program. To help decide what software to try, we’ll now clarify some of the differences and similarities between Slidebean and

Feature comparison

As we said, both platforms are web-based. And the two offer features along the lines of customizable templates, a media library, and offline presentations. 

Beautiful.AI is the only one of the two to give users the chance of offline editing, however. And Slidebean is the only one to incorporate screen sharing, plus video & audio content. You ultimately get to insert other media on Slidebean. That includes photos, charts, and more. When coupled with premium fonts and brilliant color palettes, Slidebean truly makes it overall more likely to get to expert-looking slides within seconds. 

Now, another variation between the two offers has to do with support and training. Both companies offer help during business hours. However, Slidebean also provides online support. 

On the one hand, only works with documentation training. On the other, Slidebean does that and then goes further into different and additional formats. That’s how we can now list webinars, in-person training, live online help, and our wide range of YouTube explanation videos.

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As we said, both platforms offer free versions. Those consist of basic features at no cost. 

As for the paid versions, offers a single option right now. Theirs is $15 per month and includes access to unlimited slides, presentation analytics, secure sharing, and many other features. Those can indeed be quite helpful compared to their free plan. And a new paid version for teams should be coming up soon, actually. It can even be up by now since it was just recently announced. 

Slidebean, on the other hand, has a few different pricing options. There’s a comfortable starter version that runs at only $8 per month (billed annually). This one gives access to additional templates, collaboration options, privacy control, and more. 

We then have a premium version. For only $11 more per month, the plan enables analytics, a logo and brand kit, priority support, etc. The price totals $19 monthly (billed annually).

And we’ve naturally created a deluxe Founder’s Edition Plan. It’s just part of our startup focus as a company. With a $149 monthly investment, this plan categorically gives users access to our startup’s founders. Yep! This means unique access to the company that also accounts for proof-reading and design tune-ups to your slides. This option also unlocks valuable legal and business templates, on top of that. And it comes with a few more amazing features. 

We don’t like to leave students out, either, so we offer a 50% discount for those who can work with a verified .edu account. 

Why is Slidebean the ultimate presentation platform?

As you can see, we have diverse options for everyone. Our multiple pricing plans fit various needs and budgets. And the app is remarkable in coming up with stunningly beautiful templates that are also so easy to use! 

For startups, we provide all the necessary tools and information to get a company on its feet. Helping companies reach funding and growth, the site is full of invaluable insight from experienced and seasoned startup founders. 

We also have precise templates for numerous types of meetings. Entrepreneurs, salespeople, marketers, business owners, and even students are most likely to face needs our pre-formatted slides are sure to cover. We’re inspired by actual experience. In the end, this is a great tool to save time and still have stunning business presentations.

Move forward strategically

Create nice-looking, professional presentations. And do so without the exclusive need for a professional designer. Yet, if budget allows for it and you’d rather, feel confident to quote our services through our pitch deck design agency, as well. 

Either way, cut down on the number of hours dealing with customizing slides. Forget about arranging pictures, fonts, and colors and not knowing if the choice is the absolute best. Use our templates and tech instead. 

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