The Best Free Presentation Software in 2023

15 Best Investor Pitch Deck Examples from Successful Startups

The Best Free Presentation Software in 2023
December 7, 2022

It’s completely understandable, these days more than ever, that startups and other companies try to save money and protect their operations. That’s why these options for the best free presentation software in 2023 come in handy.

Slidebean’s time efficiency and design

We certainly need to include Slidebean in our list of the best presentation software in 2023. And we must do that not only because Slidebean meets the most significant criteria through which we’ve valued all other platforms. It also cuts down on the amount of time it takes to create a compelling presentation. 

As if by magic, Slidebean integrated artificial intelligence. The tool works well to calculate new possible slide designs in a matter of seconds. And it takes even less than a second for a button response to produce many different presentation slide options from which users can choose. 

The combination of colors as a way to enhance the overall branding of a company is an excellent feature for Slidebean’s platform. The tool allows logo integration to business slides, for instance.  

Slidebean’s free version is as restrictive in terms of privacy as other platforms we mentioned. Yet, its varied and professional templates go beyond just a design-based pre-filled template offer. On the contrary, text suggestions serve as a guide in dozens of different industry templates. 

Another significant plus to Slidebean’s features is its tracking capabilities. The platform gives users the ability to see what their audience opened or left unseen. This feature allows presenters to improve their content or take other measures to make sure their work gets viewed. That’s quite a profitable advantage in today’s business world. 

Image contains a design about a pitch deck template by slidebean

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Microsoft’s classic PowerPoint

This program was released back in April 1987. And it initially only suited Macintosh computers. We could now say those are Steve Job’s main acknowledged legacy, no? 

A 33-year-old now, this software came at a $14 million cost for Bill Gates’ most famous company. Funnily enough, PowerPoint was that company’s first significant acquisition. 

That same year of 1987, however, was also the one when Gates was declared the youngest billionaire ever. In case you didn’t know, he managed that at the age of 31. That just needs to be part of a compilation of classic tales about computer software companies one day! 

So the people behind this software know what they’re doing. But, as pioneers, they also left much room for others to improve the user experience. And that’s part of the change that their competitors bring to the table. 

Their competition brings an enhanced video for quicker speeds. They also work on data of much bigger sizes and more collaborative immediacy. Those are otherwise all factors to still work into this ever-standing presentation software.

Reliable as PowerPoint can be, we can all probably recall a time when we needed courses to use their transitions, for example. People have long required training to use the software’s full list of features effectively. 

Another ratio to consider before claiming this program the ultimate best by any means is the time it takes to produce a presentation using PowerPoint. It’s also worth comparing those time needs to the final presentation design that they make possible.

But let’s see if the rest of the best free presentation software in 2023 solves some of that. Whom do we have next?

Image contains a powerpoint presentation

Let’s slide on to Google

Having all your material in a single platform is one of the plus sides of working out of Google’s product offer. First, it’s very tempting in terms of storage to create presentations via Google Slides. You also get full access that’s spread across most of your apps.  

Yet, take into account that using this software comes with the need for a reliable internet connection. For presenting, you could download a PDF ahead of time.

The collaborative aspect of Google Slides also works well. And there’s no need for downloads. The platform’s perfect for multiple collaborators who are working on a single project. 

We also need to consider being able to share the material with people through an email address. That single feature permits users great ease in sharing. And, as with most Google Drive applications, the autosave option can save tons of valuable missed work. 

This software also takes edits from different users at the same time. And it does so without any complications. Yet, what’s best about it is that it lets people collaborate even when none of them have a specific package installed. This quality is different from Microsoft Office mentioned above.

What’s a little more challenging, however, is being able to give a different form to textboxes on this platform. Or combining objects to a much more dynamic slide in terms of design. 

The number of templates could also use considerable improvement. They would just add a different presentation look every time you resort to Google to furnish your slides.

Image contains the main software Google Slides screen

Prezi’s unique zoom style

We couldn’t ever leave Prezi out of the best free presentation software in 2023. And its popularity is an essential reason for that choice. Prezi is simply one of the most potent competitors of PowerPoint. 

And it’s Prezi’s zoom function what gives this software its most common differentiator. It turns out that people take a liking to Prezi’s smart structure technology!

Populating Prezi slides might be a fast task on a need that’s easy to fill. Yet, for some people, the learning curve is substantial. Anyone might create a simple presentation on this platform. However, making use of Prezi’s most exceptional features to the most useful purpose requires training and designing skills. 

Unfortunately, the new Prezi Next version of the platform only makes changes even harder for those who are entirely new to the software. And this also applies to those who already got used to the old version. 

As long as we’re considering free versions for all these programs, we should take into account Prezi’s non-payment option. It’s important because it limits privacy. 

If you’re dealing with data that should stay in the private sphere, then Prezi cannot be a reference point as a free version. Most people resort to more privacy-assuring tools in cases where confidentiality needs to be guaranteed. Examples thereof are the already-covered Google Slides or PowerPoint. 

However, the number of templates available is much better on Prezi than on the other two platforms we just mentioned. And the autosave feature is of the same guarantee as Google’s same offer. 

Also, what’s very agreeable with Prezi is losing the linear concept to a presentation. It’s as if the software allows a more back-and-forth, circular, or non-linear conception of business presentations. That characteristic is fabulous. 

Image contains circles with information about brain computer interface and application

Parting with Keynote

We’ll wrap our thoughts on the best free presentation software in 2023 by including a quick mention of Keynote. 

The program offers the ability to dialog with PowerPoint. And it’s also and unfortunately more geared in its compatibility with iOS devices. 

The collaboration feature isn’t as reliable as that of Slidebean or Google Slides. But Keynote allows work on floor plans as much as it does text slides. 

This platform is a bit more versatile in functionality than PowerPoint, for example. It’s also just a much simpler site on which to create a somewhat more sober presentation material. 

Image contains the main Keynote screen

We hope this analysis has been of help to you. Let us know if Slidebean can help in any way. 

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The Best Free Presentation Software in 2023
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