Hiring Business presentation designer service

15 Best Investor Pitch Deck Examples from Successful Startups

Hiring Business presentation designer service
June 17, 2021

Hiring the best business presentation designer depends on a few key factors. And those go from the best match to suit our specific needs to the person or service going within our budget. The decision can take quite some time to be answered to the best of our abilities. 

Yet, it’s worth our time to find just the perfect presentation designer for our precise requirements. So, let’s go over a few key concepts to determine how a startup can succeed at hiring the best business presentation designer altogether. 

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What is a presentation design?

First of all, when we speak of presentation design, we refer to the act of putting a set of business presentation slides together to meet a specific goal for a company’s unique presentation. We’re talking about the design portion of the display material. However, we’d love to clarify how this claim doesn’t just stick to the business front, right?

Individuals can also have diverse presentation design needs. We can think of academics needing to put together a master’s thesis presentation or a salesperson needing a top-notch product demo slide for a few examples. There are many others, and we've considered them all, too. 

Designers and companies are also willing to put in that design work for anyone who needs it. And we’re a natural part of that bunch, but we’ll get to that in a bit. 

Examples of other presentation design needs

For now, let’s note how this practice can include a single founder trying to get a startup off the ground on their own. It can mean someone who's seeking co-founders or potential partners as much as a person in marketing or doing PR. They sometimes need to present a social media proposal, a brand book, or even an influencer media kit. And help to nail leading quality in those slides can always come in handy. It speaks well of the person ascertaining that, too. 

Our focus when we say business presentation design is placed on startups and companies that need business presentations. And that's so primarily based on our leading experience at becoming a profitable company. We want other founders like us to look their overall best so they can pitch a new stakeholder, an investor, or a potential business partner. That’s what business presentations are usually about, such as the most extraordinary pitch decks of all time or financial model templates, and more. 

Yet, either way, and whatever your main topic, audience, or background, please note presentation designers will be willing and able to support the graphic portion of your slides all the same. That's how we've also been able to develop a wide array of template options and other dominated areas for you. 

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But what does a presentation designer do?

Needing a bit more clear air on what presentation design is all about?

A presentation designer, who can also be known as a presentation specialist, is a set of professionals devoted to a specialized area in graphic design. Within all the services a graphic designer can provide, presentation designers focus on presentations as their niche, of course. And they work at optimizing that visual impact. 

Their goal is actually to give a quick result of visual content. They work at creating material audiences will hopefully absorb and to which they’ll relate in a way their clients or corporate parties need. This is key to comprehending how their clients are just pieces of the puzzle, guiding them to what they need to deliver. Yet, ultimately, the work they do seeks to have an impact on third parties. Those will be sitting by the hundreds in an auditorium at times, or they will just be cold-emailed with this content. 

Designer clients rely on the material these presentation designers put together to go up on stage or make it successfully through a private business meeting of different sorts. They're always seeking their presentation material to be at their best to work well with others. 

Presentation Designer Options

Now, when it comes to presentation designer fees and costs, options can vary. 
First, the market is vast, which just means we’ve got options. We can go from a presentation designer tool, such as Slidebean, and let artificial intelligence do our design work within seconds with the click of a button. 
Or we can go to a company or agency that does this and pay an entire team to be devoted to our slides. We can otherwise seek out an individual offering freelance services and play our luck at that. For that, freelancing websites work well. 

The above is why how much it costs to hire a presentation designer can vary, as well. 

What do corporate presentation design services entail?

From all of the above, hiring the best business presentation designer can have all to do with what you need. For startups requiring a pitch deck, we suggest looking at teams that have proven to have the necessary experience to know what goes into a successful pitch deck. Moreover, get a team that knows how to display all of that material to successful business rounds. Include in that list their success raising funds, bringing investors and a board in place, etc. 

This crucial aspect of hiring a designer is where we take our pride. For seven years running, we’ve designed thousands of decks and perfected our processes to develop the best solution out there. 

Yet, whomever you hire should be able to guide you over somewhat of a secure process. First, you should be able to define your project’s specifications. Choose or discuss your ideal format so you work on the same final goal, including your required last number of slides and any other specific considerations you might have. 

Typically this also means signing non-disclosure agreements, allowing some time as of that initial contact until you hear back on a solid quote, and even a couple of extra calls (shortened to an effective and single one if done right) before anyone can successfully get started with your slides.

In our case, we can provide a return as quick as 24 hours on two rounds of revisions that start at $29. That’s why we know this service need not be highly inaccessible to starting companies. Yet, you can easily be charged thousands of dollars for a complete presentation, especially if you’re working on a possibly highly lucrative goal. 

So, how do we hire the best business presentation designer?

First, we need to have our needs clear. What we want out of any service is an excellent point of departure before we enter any contractual relations. 

Then, we should get someone within our budget to do solid work for us. For that, check out their offer and, especially, their background and experience. 

Ask for samples, look at what they’ve done for others, and assess if that’s the supreme quality you want for your processes. 

Then, define what services you’re getting. From the number of revisions per job to call availability, final return time, and so many other aspects, it’s worth noting what you’re getting before booking that job.

And finally, please also look into the experience this person brings to your table, as designing also has to do with understanding your main goal. It’s not the same to put a presentation together for an academic jury of a rigorous Ph.D. process as it is to brand a pitch deck to suit an investor’s interests. Look for the best match to all your needs as part of hiring the best business presentation designer out there for you. 

If we can ever lend a hand, please rest assured that we’ll be more than glad to do so.

Hiring Business presentation designer service
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