Getting Videos Ready for Slidebean Presentations

Slidebean is a perfect tool to make astonishing presentations. Although it has almost all you need to make a presentation,  Slidebean doesn’t let you upload your video footage to a presentation directly. You can prepare and upload onto YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia and embed the video into your presentation via URL copypaste.

Still before adding the video into your slides, you need to be sure that it looks like the way you want: there are no unwanted parts, it’s in good quality and dubbed well. In case your video requires quick editing, you may use one of the following tools to prepare your clip for Slidebean presentation. I have also recently discovered one free online video editor that doesn't need download.


One of the best to pay attention to is Freemake Video Converter. It’s a free beautifully designed and easy-to-use tool. It’ll help you perform some actions necessary to get the best result possible.

Freemake Video Converter can be installed PC with Win Vista or later. Please be attentive during the installation process since you may be offered to install 3d party software.

Run the software on your PC. Drag-n-drop the video you want to use into your presentation or use “+Video” button to add it. You can edit the video with a built-in Freemake editor: cut unwanted video parts, join several videos together or rotate your video 90 degrees. To cut a video, click the scissors button on the video line and the use the editor controllers to mark parts of the video you want to cut. If you make changes to your video in Freemake editor, don’t forget to click “OK” or they won’t be saved.

In case you need to rotate a video, again click the scissors and use the green arrow to turn the video 90 degrees. To join videos, add them all into Freemake and enable “Join files” option in the top right corner of the software.

You can also add subtitles, edit their font and size (with an additional pack) or change your video audio track.

When you are done with editing, convert the video to one of the video formats. You can upload your video to YouTube right from the software. To do that, choose “to YouTube”, insert your login and password and wait till the video is uploaded on YouTube. Please note that you should give the software permission to access your account.


One more tool that is free and comes with Windows platform is Windows Movie Maker. Though, the product development is discontinued and the download was removed from Microsoft website, the software may be got from thousands of software archives, e.g. from Softonic.

The editing options of Movie Maker are more numerous. Thus this tool will be great for more advanced users.  


Windows Movie Maker lets you combine pictures with videos in the order you need and add music or even your voice comments to any part of your movie. Like in Freemake, you can join, cut and rotate your clips.

Besides that, Windows Movie Maker allows users to add titles, descriptions, and transitions between video parts.

Windows Movie Maker can also upload a video directly to YouTube or Vimeo or save it to PC in MP4, AVI or WMV formats.


Apart from uploading videos, YouTube lets edit them for free with the help of YouTube Editor. This service can be helpful when you have already uploaded a video and have suddenly realized that it requires some corrections.

Let’s check, what you can do here. First of all, there are such basic options like trim, split, join, and rotate. If you found an unwanted part in your video, you can remove it without deleting your video and uploading it again.

When you access Enhancements page, you’ll see two more options for your video: time-lapse and slow-motion. They let do make your video faster or slow it down.

With YouTube Editor, you may add annotations, cards, and subtitles. The latter can be either typed manually or uploaded as .SRT file. You can also add audio, but you should select a track from the YouTube playlist. Otherwise, your music might be turned off due to copyright issues.

When you are done with video preparation, you may easily add it to your Slidebean presentation. Copy the video link and go to your Slidebean account. Choose a presentation, click “Edit”, choose “Add element” and select video. Insert your YouTube video link.


That’s how you can easily prepare and add video into your presentation!


Please share this post with your colleagues and enjoy awesome presentations together.

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