How to Get Followers Fast For Your Business on TikTok


 Did you know placing ads on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok counts as one of the most effective marketing channels? Here, you are targeting people by their interests.

Now, when it comes to social media channels, TikTok has come to the limelight in recent years – especially among the younger generation.

TikTok is the perfect platform to concentrate some promotional focus on — especially when your target market falls firmly within the Millennial and Gen Z audience.

Tiktok grew in popularity as a global outbreak kept citizens indoors and far from their companions. 

And it appears that the platform's uniqueness has not worn off. Indeed, as the app expands, the user base expands beyond the site's targeted Generation Z demographic. 

Today, it is used by a major chunk of the global population – irrespective of age or geography. So, are you ready to grab the interest of one of the world's largest follower bases? Let’s get started!

14 Smart Tips to quickly boost your TikTok followers’ base

These 14 tried-and-true methods will help you rapidly build an audience that will support your business by boosting your TikTok follower base.

1. Define your intended audience

You can't be everything to everyone. Knowing your audience will help you determine how to capture their attention. Make your point. Narrow your focus. 

What do they enjoy? 

What are their pet peeves?

Knowing who your main demographic is (and is not) will assist you in getting your information on the 'For You' section. It  is the first segment you see as you access TikTok. You need to be there!

2. Discover what your target audience is interested in

You have no idea what they're into? Simply ask them!

Ask your fans on all other social networking sites what forms of information they'd like to view on TikTok. 

Instagram polling numbers and questionnaires can end up making this very captivating while also informing them that you own a TikTok channel they could perhaps follow.

3. Examine the competition

It also is a good idea to look into equivalent content makers and brand names in your field. And besides, the game acknowledges the game. 

That's like free data analysis because you have a narrow audience!

4. Investigate Generation Z

Bear in mind TikTok is a popular social media platform among Generation Z. The large bulk of TikTok subscribers are under the age of 30.

If your main demographic is still on the Forbes 30 below 30 list, your odds of accessing people on TikTok do seem to be significantly improved. 

But don't fret, as more individuals (including those over 30) enter the TikTok group, you shouldn't back away if you've a mildly older demographic.

5. Take part in challenges

Challenges are among the most popular TikTok trends, and they can significantly increase your social media following.

If you're unfamiliar with the term "challenge," it's like when you request or aspire subscribers to do and to try something. But they could be anything — it all depends on your end goal and intention.

Some challenges take off like a blaze, while others fade away. The ease with which they'll be reproduced and how believable they are contribute significantly to their achievement. 

Keep in mind that it is your individual spin on a contest that makes it unique.

6. Utilize TikTok Ads


 TikTok ads are another way to get into the limelight as far as your target audience is concerned — while avoiding the algorithm. The said alternative is dependent on your financial situation.

TikTok Ads Manager provides users with access to an international TikTok audience as well as a variety of ad management solutions, ad creation, and insight findings to allow you to reap the maximum benefits from your ads.

Why do TikTok ads exist? They're nevertheless relatively new, so there's plenty of space to be creative and get noticed by the appropriate people without much competition.

Here are some cool TikTok advertisements:

  • You can specifically target demographic groups and geographic areas.
  • The 'Custom Audiences' function allows you to find individuals who know about or have interacted with your company.

7. Collaborate with influencers


TikTok is a visually rich channel which responds well to influencer acknowledgment. Begin by searching for the perfect influencers — people who share your corporate identity and can be seen interacting with your intended audience.

Look for long-term influencer collaborations in which you can contribute toward improving engagement and creating quality content over a period. 

This will significantly increase your reach, particularly if an influencer already owns a huge following. 

Remember that openness is essential on all portals, and try to follow the appropriate guidance when operating with #sponsored posts.

As per this guide on how to get followers on TikTok, influencer marketing is one of the smartest ways to get followers at a quick pace. The article also illustrates the same with an example:

TikTokker @DoubleVodkaDon gathered his follower base by doing a sequence of duets in collaboration with other successful TikTokkers such as Addison Rae, Josh Richards, and Charlie D'Amelio.

His USP is that he is never apprehensive about comparing his body type with young, fit, and attractive influencers. As of date he has acquired more than 164,000 followers.

8. Communicate with your users

Businesses must interact with their target audience across all social networking sites where they are active.

TikTok is quite an interactive platform that allows you to post comments on video content you like, distribute your own message, and communicate with your audience in the comment threads. 

9. Produce excellent content

As with all online communities, content is king. Providing quality content which your followers might like, remark on, and would like to share is among the best methods to boost your audience.

Any social media leader should be aware of current trends and seek out relevant topical tales to tell. 

Great content is vital as well – remember that although TikTok clips are usually random and enjoyable, your content must still be excellent and meaningful. 

There are numerous video tools that enable you to create unique content.

10. Start sharing videos

If you want to increase your following, you must post regularly. Attempt to publish 3-5 times per week – it will enable you to gather momentum over time.

Simply put, if people are following you, they anticipate content. If you do not post on a routine basis, you run the risk of potentially losing followers. 

Create a content planner for your company to stay ahead of this.

11. Create fun visual transitions


TikTok includes transitions that could be used during the editing process to visually relate one snippet or scenario to another.

However, TikTok also is full of people who have devised creative visual techniques to merge videos together, such as the "single click," "wrap the webcam," and so forth. It's much simpler than it appears!

Additionally, in order to enhance your knowledge about visuals, you can follow this article – what are the gestalt grouping principles? The Gestalt principles are psychology laws that describe how the human brain processes and groups visual elements.

Each of these principles expresses a unique way the human mind processes and interprets complex visual elements into more manageable patterns – a technique that proves useful while creating TikTok media.

12. Publish at the appropriate time

It's critical to think about when your intended audience would be browsing across TikTok. You would like to publish your information when your main demographic is online. 

Generally, the best moments to share on social media would be during commuting times, mid afternoon, and post work – including on weekends.

Like always, the ideal time to post is determined by your target audience. As per research,  the optimal time to publish varies greatly by week days. 

In fact, the perfect time to post seldom coincides with two consecutive days.

13. Make use of the appropriate hashtags to reflect your brand identity

Using the relevant hashtags ought to be a big part of your TikTok marketing plan for a forum made popular through hashtag challenges.

Please note that you must use hashtags which are pertinent to your brand rather than just trending hashtags. 

A labeled hashtag is a catchphrase that is specific to your company or brand. They can vary from business names to product lines, advertisements, and slogans.

To make a branded hashtag, place the hashtag sign '#' prior to the phrase (with no punctuation), and voila!

Branded hashtags are a great way for businesses and thought leaders to create brand image, start a conversation, run ads, and even sell a product.

14. Play around with music

Don't neglect that TikTok is really a music-focused app! To remain relevant, utilize it to your benefit and study the leading songs going viral on Soundcloud. 

You also can look through TikTok's 'For you' segment and see which pop tunes your audience likes and utilizes to make funny videos.


We hope that you liked these 14 tips for increasing the number of relevant and brand-specific TikTok followers. Maintain your TikTok clip lengths and keep your company’s video template guide handy for when you're ready to start creating TikTok media content.

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