Introducing Slidebean 2.0
Vinicio Chanto
February 15, 2015

Introducing Slidebean 2.0

Vinicio Chanto
February 15, 2015

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Let's wind the clock back a year. This is how Slidebean looked back then:

Screenshot of Slidebean Beta exactly one year ago.

Although we can't help but feel affection for that image, truth is we've come a long way. The amazing support and feedback of our users have shaped the way the tool has evolved, and that's why we're thrilled to present to you Slidebean 2.0

What has changed?

The biggest changes respond to users requests to have a little more flexibility when building their slides. The challenge for us was providing this ability without losing the ease of use and automation that makes Slidebean so much faster and simpler than any other option. In the end, we came up with a solution that is going to allow users to create even cooler decks, in ways we couldn't even imagine at first, all in the simplicity that makes Slidebean unique.


The first thing you'll notice is the upper menu is a little different now. This is because we discovered the Content> Design> Publish (now named 'Settings') sequence is not so linear. People toggle back and forth between those three, and so the navigation hat to be easier and more open.


Remember how there used to be slide types? They were a little rigid and allowed for very limited variations. Well, now you have a lot more freedom when building your content for each slide. We'll give you an example: Before Slidebean 2.0, if you wanted to add a chart, the only other element you could add to that slide was a Header. But what if you needed to add a complimentary paragraph, or some bullets, or needed to add the source from where you took that data? It was not possible to do so. Well check this out:

Yes. Now you can do stuff like this, and much more. Here's how the Content Tab changed in order to make such slides possible:

After each slide (or in-between them), you'll find a Plus button. This is how you add a new slide.

Each slide you add, from now on, is a container where you can add any element you want.

So far it is almost the same as the old slides menu, right? The only difference is now you can add several elements to the same slide. So for example, if you add a Heading to your slide, you can still include other elements.

If you add a Paragraph, you can still include more data in this same slide, like an Imageor a Footer.

In the end, you can end up with something like this:

As you can see, you now have way more control over how the slides are composed. The possibilities are great! You can play around with the new Content Tab here.


The Design Tab per se didn't suffer much changes. The templates however went over a big tune-up, in order to fit into the new content structure. Some of your old presentations might have gone through slight changes, but we guarantee it's for the best!

A slide created using the Stairway template where you can notice the change in it's design.


What used to be Publish is now called Settings. The reason behind it is you weren't really publishing it somewhere, but more configuring the presentation's Privacysettings, Collaboration and Sharing credentials, etc.

So now, when you press the Settings Tab, on the upper left, this side menu will show up:

Here you'll be able to do all the things related to the use of your presentation, like Download a PDF copy of your deck, get an Embed Frame, or Share your presentation on Twitter or Facebook.

Pre-filled Decks

Last but not least are the Pre-filled Decks. We've seen a great number of startup teams using Slidebean, and being a startup ourselves, we know how hard (and critical) it is to nail a great presentation. This is why we've crated the Pre-filled Decks.

What that means is, when you choose one of them, a whole fill-in-the-blank presentation is automatically generated. It is a curated deck, optimised for specific use cases, where you only have to replace the dummy content with your own. Many of them we crafted in collaboration with the 500 Startups team and with Dave McClure! This will make extremely easy to build a great Investor Deck for example, which is often hard to know how to structure. You can check this and all the other changes here.

We've also included a Pre-filled deck for Marketing and Sales teams, which have also proven to be great fans of the product. We'll probably be adding more of these for other types of users as we move along, so hang tight!

That covers the most relevant and visible changes made to the tool for this new version. We hope you enjoy even more using Slidebean 2.0 and we can't wait to hear what you think about it!