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November 23, 2020

First of all, rest assured we come to you with helpful solutions. By the end of this article, that concern over an investor outreach not working will find a reliable alternative along with a path of action for you to reach out to investors more efficiently. So, let’s go on a guiding journey to help your investment rounds (and remember you can start by asking friends and family for funding, too!)

Cold investor outreach is hard

There’s plenty of reasons why a cold investor outreach can be giving poor results. Sending out cold emails to potential investors is risky. Investors already get a ton of emails, messages, LinkedIn connection requests, and many other kinds of messages from entrepreneurs who are also looking for funding. 

Go for smart personal appeal

If you’re choosing to send cold emails, be truly smart and strategic about it. Start an outreach campaign, for example, and tailor emails as any decent campaign would. There are great email templates with a professional structure you can use to give out information on your company, statistics, and desired outcomes. Those just name a few areas you want to incorporate in your cold email efforts. 

Another critical point is for emails to be customized. Make them personally appealing to your audience. And explain why you think you’re an excellent match for their investments.  

Make a list of prospects

You need to have options. And a list of updated investors is crucial. It’s also relevant as you move along to keep track of your efforts. Have the names handy and steadily check how everything’s going. 

Keep important information on your investor spreadsheet to follow your progress. If this is done right, any sudden call or follow-up can be handled as elegantly and uniquely as it should. And you’ll have your notes to thank for valuable insight on the spot. 

Check your language

When sending out emails, be aware of your tone. Try not to be too formal nor too casual when addressing potential investors. 

Short emails are nice, but it’s more important to get investors’ attention and give them what they need. Give away all valuable metrics that show your company’s the right one to invest some funds.

Check your email subject line 

Now that we’re on it, email subject lines are the first opportunity to get your investor’s attention. Think about how many emails you get that try to get your attention, and you end up sending those to the spam folder. Getting that one subject line down is crucial for the click that gets people to open your email and continue reading. Polish that gateway, and don’t waste it. Craft a subject line that makes you stand out and gets people so curious that they’ll want to know more. 

A relevant content body is crucial, too

A subject line and getting people to open an email is only a first step, though. Of course, a compelling email body should be just as good as a well-thought-out subject line. Don’t make it too heavy on text. And it should be easy to read. Give readers the reasons why your company is such a great investment opportunity.

Follow up and set a time to call 

Always follow up on your emails. That’s what comes as part of trying to get a second meeting. It’s highly unlikely investors will agree to give you money after just one email, so allow them to reach out to you. Also, be direct on setting the best time for a call. 

Offer 30-minute video call slots or a 15 minute regular call time to begin. A 30-minute session is great because it’s not pretending to take up too much of their valuable time while it’ll let you get some things done. But state how long you’d like that next meeting to be for them to consider scheduling it. Or offer a coffee chat, even. 

Worst-case scenario, you can send a PDF version of your pitch after tracking its views and let them read up more about your startup. Follow up on that, though, as suggested above. The idea is to fit investors into a kind of attention cycle through which you seek to secure as many relevant pitches as possible. 

Are you still having trouble getting investors to message you back? 

At this point, we certainly recommend you give Sildebean’s newest Investor Finder a try. Through it, you can securely and confidently tell us all about your business and the investment you’re seeking. What we do with that is come up with a full list of vetted investor contacts within 48 hours. It’s a real seed fund lifesaver we’ve designed precisely based on our own startup experience.

With it, you get 5 investor contacts right off the start as a free sample. For that, we’re aggregating and scrubbing 25,000+ angels, VCs, and investor profiles. We work on getting the right investors and angels across all industries for you. 

On our paid version, we can also list VC contact information and give you data on prior investments. Our list also keeps growing every month! 

Let our investor search experts customize your contact efforts with key investors for your industry in no time! Best of luck in all your investment efforts!

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