Best presentation tools for teachers and students

According to UNESCO, over one-billion students have been affected by educational closure worldwide. Virtual classrooms are making it into daily reality for teachers and students everywhere: From kindergarten to doctoral programs. 

Is there a presentation software designed with virtual education in mind? Here’s a summary of some of the best presentation software for teachers and students to save your day.


What can be better than presentation software that quickens how we come up with stunning presentations? It was about time artificial intelligence eased even educational presentations! 

The most significant advantage of using Slidebean for educational purposes is that neither students nor professors need to spend much time putting highly attractive presentations together. 

With a wide range of academic presentation templates and a tool that separates content from design, the app has earned excellent user reviews with tons of time spared per presentation.  

Aside from speed, Slidebean has many great tools that enhance a user’s experience. 

For instance, you can collaborate with others on the same presentation online. You can work efficiently on Slidebean by hosting presentations in a cloud without a need for download, or adequately generate PDFs in case you need them. 

Another great feature is how you can just share a presentation or access it online via a link. There’s no need for email attachments or large document uploads. And people just need to have internet access to see it.

Ease such as above helps move our focus to the educational content and its delivery. With a slide that impresses in terms of design, teachers can work on presentation skills. And students can feel at ease that the slide won’t fail as they deliver that speech learned by heart. 

Great design also keeps audiences engaged. And Slidebean easily allows content to be shared out of platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, GIFs, and many more! This all makes presentations a lot more fun and compelling.  

Moreover, Slidebean offers a 50% discount for verified .edu email accounts. It’s valid up to 3 years from the plan’s activation. Check it out to find out more!

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Apple Keynote

Anyone on the go who needs to start a presentation on their computer and then continue it on their Apple devices can find a simple presentation option in Apple Keynote. It’s a bit easier to use than the legendary PowerPoint. It’s available for PC and Chromebook users, as well. However, the main gain for iOS devices is how you can completely modify presentations and create content on the iPad and iPhone app versions. And we should add how you can synchronize on any iOS device as you wish. 

Keynote saves presentations automatically, and the platform’s really intuitive. Also, to spare upon how much you learn by heart, notes can be a helpful trick that you add to every slide. 

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We move on to Canva as a part of the best presentation software for teachers and students because it’s a great tool in terms of all of the design possibilities it offers. Canva works on different free or paid options. Either come with all kinds of shapes, elements, images, fonts, backgrounds, and other choices that let you customize slides to the fullest. The difference is only which you can access for free and which are paid.  

There’s an app available for mobile phones, and you can also access it on a computer. It comes with templates for calendars, posters, and presentations. Still, it moreover works on creating designs in specific sizes to fit various social media platforms. Overall, it’s very flexible and creative.


VoiceThread is another excellent tool, thanks to its versatility. A paid educator license gives access to creating student accounts. Once done, users can customize a class page, for instance. And there are other little features like this one that help in academic settings. 

Students can create all kinds of multimedia projects using VoiceThread, for example. They can create video or voice narrations to go with the slides. 

The downside is it does take a lot of bandwidth to achieve this. There are too many functions to keep running at once. But if the integration of many features at once stirs creativity in fruitful ways and you’re on a very stable broadband connection, then VoiceThread might be a desirable option to try out, as well. 

Google Slides

Google! The way Google focuses on online software makes it gain a spot in the best presentation software for teachers and students. What we know this search engine for the most has been built into the presentation platform. On Google Slides, you can use an integrated search tool to continue your research as you work on your slides. Isn’t that great? It helps scout for images and videos, too, as you work on your slide design. 

The app is also cloud-based, which means there’s no need to download anything to use this free platform. For those on limited access, though, you can equally turn on offline accessibility provided you have Gmail account availability. 

Haiku Deck

If images are what draw you to create compelling presentations, access millions of free ones with filters you can add via Haiku Deck. Designers made this one up, just like our own, and the free trial version lets you create minimalist presentations just fine. The plus to that is how you center on keeping presentations clean of too many ideas at once. And prompts will help presenters, yet teachers, especially. 

Stay focused

We hope either of the options in this list of the best presentation software for teachers and students gets your creative juices flowing in a way that results in highly engaging presentations. 

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