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Hi there! Welcome to the most advanced version of our platform: Slidebean Premium. Whether you’ve recently upgraded your account, or if you’re considering to do so, this article is meant to walk you through all of the benefits of having Premium status.

1. Premium Content Templates

One of the most valued features of Slidebean is our curated gallery of templates. Beyond just providing visual guideline, these templates give you an entire structure of slides to fill in with your own content. With the a Free account, you have limited access to the basic templates. With Premium status, you unlock the entire set of over 120 templates and growing!. Go big or go home!


2. Collaborate

Some presentations often require a handful of people working on them simultaneously. This can become quite a mess when dealing with different versions, and a bunch of different files that go back and forth under names like “Proposal Version_2-JakeUpdate-FINAL”. With Slidebean Premium you can seamlessly collaborate with other people on a single document, and all changes are automatically kept in synch.


3. Share and present online

The whole point of a presentation is to share it with other people. Slidebean Premium makes that easy by allowing you to do live or remote presentations, with powerful features to enhance your’s and your viewer’s experience:

Sharing options - grant different layers of collaboration and viewing capabilities. From Public presentations which are discoverable on the web (great for SEO purposes if you’re growing your own brand), to Unlisted presentations (only people with the link can see it). Or entirely Private (encrypted presentations, completely invisible to web search). You can also request people to enter their email in order to view your slides. These settings will allow a great deal of control on how people interact with and access your content.


Live broadcasting - lets you synch your slides with any active viewer of your presentation. That means they’ll see what you see and follow your every action on their own device. That comes in super handy when holding remote meetings. You can also allow those same viewers to control the slides, making the viewing experience super dynamic and immersive.


4. Analytics

Closely related to the previous benefits, Slidebean Premium comes with one of the most advanced and sought after features: our Analytics module. Whenever you share your slides with someone else, our tool automatically starts tracking insights on that person’s interaction with your slides. Who they are, where they are from, what slides they saw, how much time they spent looking at your presentation, etc. This is very powerful data that can be incredibly useful. For instance when you start pitching your business to investors, and you want to know if (and how) they are engaging with your pitch. Every visit is recorded, compiled and reported back right in your Dashboard.


5. Export to PDF & HTML

Premium enables you to download offline copies of your presentations in PDF format, or preserve all features* and animations with HTML exports. This will come in handy when you know you’ll be presenting in places with poor or no internet connection.

*Except videos which cannot be exported due to 3rd party restrictions.


6. Apply your brand kit

Having a consistent visual output is key to any business who’s interested in establishing their brand (all of them, basically). Upload your own branding assets like your logos, color palettes and typography, to create a unique branded theme. And apply it to any presentation on your account.


7. Remove Slidebean brand

When you share your presentations with other people, they are directed to a public presentation player (like they would on Youtube or similar services). This player has the Slidebean logos and sign up buttons in them, in case your viewers are interested in what the tool is and want to give it a go. Having said that, our Premium users get to choose whether or not they want to show that to their audience.

Branded public player

Branded public player

Slidebean branding removed from player

Slidebean branding removed from player

8. Save personalized themes

In addition to the regular set of themes, you’ll be able to create customized themes combining different graphic elements, color palettes and fonts. This will open up an endless array of visual possibilities so you can let your imagination run wild when designing your slides.


9. Custom color palettes & external fonts


For users who want to have greater control over their design. Premium users can create a fully customized color palette, where they get to choose what colors are used for backgrounds, text and highlights. They can also upload any font of their liking to the platform to be used on any presentation.

10. Enjoy priority support


Last but not least, your Premium status automatically gives you priority access to our support team. Any request of yours is handled personally by one of our expert agents, all of which have industry leading response times and satisfaction ratings.

So there you have it. A full account of all of the benefits of going Premium. If you already have, get your hands on all of them right away! If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?


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