How to start a business: The best video tutorials for an early stage startup
January 15, 2019

How to start a business: The best video tutorials for an early stage startup

January 15, 2019
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Starting your own business requires a lot of new knowledge. And most of us didn’t have Entrepreneurship 101 in Middle School.  So sometimes, you have to take learning into your own hands. Thankfully, today is not that day, as we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

We’ve spent the last few weeks identifying, organizing, and compiling a list of the best business videos on YouTube because simply typing your question in Google search will result in thousands of non-helpful articles & videos.

Don’t you love us?! Below please find all the best business-related video content on the internet.

If you are an early stage startup, you will most likely need to: file for incorporation, confidentiality and IP protection for founders and employees, create your company logo, brand book, and trademark registration, handle a bookkeeping/payroll providers and payment processors, among other tasks. We know it sounds like a lot, BUT we’re here to help. As Slidebean has been working very close to startups, we have created FounderHub, a new product that will help you focus on building your business by linking all the services you need in a single platform.

We hope these videos and our latest efforts, help you along the process of starting your own business.

Creating a Pitch Deck


What The Heck is an S Corporation?

Find here a very to-the-point explanation about the differences among Sole Proprietor, LLC and C-corp.

Trademark & Brand:

Awesome video about what’s what when talking about trademarks and Intellectual Property.

Business Validation:

You’ll need a Business Canva for this one, but wait, what is it? Here’s a 2-minute explanation that will clear it out. Download yours here:

Soon, you will need to start forming your team and will begin the delicate process of hiring. Here are a few tips from the one and only Steve Jobs on how to hire the right person.

Startup Fundaraising

Metrics and Tracking:

Pretty good tutorial about how to set up your Google Analytics. A must-have tool!


We recommend Quickbooks or Xero for this one. Here are some good tutorials on both of these online tools:


This is seed funding for entrepreneurs by our very own CEO, Caya.

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