MailChimp: The Best Email Marketing Campaign Platform
January 28, 2019

MailChimp: The Best Email Marketing Campaign Platform

January 28, 2019

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We spend around $20,000/mo in dozens of SaaS platforms that are key to the functionality of our products. On Fridays. we share and discuss one of our favorite ones, followed by a brief discussion on how your company can leverage it a well.

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This week we talked about MailChimp is THE standard email marketing campaign platform. To give you an idea of our stack, in Slidebean we use:

  • Mailchimp: for lead nurturing. We have blog subscribers and seek to move them into sign ups with weekly email campaigns.
  • Intercom: the moment a customer signs up, they are handled 100% by Intercom for all their onboarding, reactivation, activation, and recovery emails.

MailChimp is a cost directly associated with marketing, We have ~60,000 emails in there. The most important source of Mailchimp emails is website free downloads. In 2018 we started a templates campaign, where we created 100+ presentation templates and offered them as free downloads.

For example:



Any template download goes to MailChimp, where they go through a 1 week intensive campaign, with almost daily emails.

While you might think this is ‘spammy’, we want users to either:

  • Sign up for Slidebean soon after engaging with our brand.
  • Unsubscribe fast if they are not interested.

Between Intercom and Mailchimp we have around 500,000 customer emails, and the cost of keeping those mailing lists is around $4,000/mo; so we want to make sure that we no longer have to pay for the users we ‘give up on’.