Your brand reflected right. Every time.

Ensuring your team uses your brand guidelines correctly is a cumbersome process. Slidebean allows you to define soft and hard rules about your brand use, and enforce them across all the content your team generates. 


STate-of-the-art design

Make your brand look its best every single time. Choose and customize our stunning templates and distribute them to your team.


automatic brand UNITY

Define the rules for your team, from font selection to color palettes, and rest assured that they won't be able to break them.


set your own rules


Add your own fonts


Define color palettes


Handpick the slide style


Save unlimited themes

Simplified Collaboration


Work productively with your team

Slidebean allows you to create beautiful presentations with your team simultaneously. You can see the changes that others make in real time and the slides are kept up to date for everyone.


Work anywhere

All the presentations your team creates are stored in the cloud using best-in-class hosting services, so that everyone in your team can access and edit them from anywhere and on any device.


Track all activity on your presentations

Track your viewer's information and actions for each presentation, from the time they spent in the presentation to the number of slides they saw. Take actions based on their engagement.