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When we need to give a presentation, it’s worth asking what presentation software to use. And it’s best to ask yourself that early in the working line. Doing so spares disappointment and time, and it also takes a load off entrepreneur business days. So, to help make that decision, we’ve dared compare Slidebean vs. Prezi in various ways. 

On the topic of bias and competition

Let’s get this out of the way. We must acknowledge that we naturally have a preference for our services for justified reasons. We work very hard and passionately at it, too!

However, we’re by no means scared to admit where our competitors have a more substantial offer, either. Being able to highlight your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses is part of the SWOT analysis basics. And we’re proud to exercise that often. 

So we’ve put our thoughts on the pros and cons to each presentation platform to help you out. We hope you can make the best of them. 

Our CEO’s prior rating analysis

Our CEO already touched on a comparison in terms of 3 factors for Slidebean vs. Prezi in the past. In our Best Presentation Software List: Complete 2020 Guide, Caya gives the following star ratings to both platforms. 

Let’s start with said interpretation as our introduction. It’s an excellent visual version of what we’re about to discuss.


  • Ease of use: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ - Fantastic
  • Customization: ★ ★ ★ ★ - Very Good
  • Final result: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ - Fantastic


  • Ease of use: ★ - Bad
  • Customization: ★ ★ ★ - OK
  • Final result: ★ ★ ★ ★ - Very Good

Slidebean’s offer description

To ease on this article’s structure, we’ll first summarize this Slidebean vs. Prezi analysis with an initial section on Slidebean’s features. After that, we’ll move focus to Prezi’s platform. 

We hope doing this will give you an unbiased consideration of both presentation design software platforms in full. And we genuinely wish you can make a more informed decision on where to prepare pitches best next time. 

1- AI is part of our day

First, Slidebean integrates artificial intelligence successfully for quicker and better design in a matter of seconds. Doesn’t that sound great by itself, already? Through a genetic algorithm, the tool arranges content without any need for human intervention. It just works that great!

Every time a user clicks on the AI arrangement feature, Slidebean’s system evaluates thousands of slide designs to find the perfect one in a promise of fewer than 0.97 seconds. That’s how long it takes Google to perform 3 million searches, for example.

We also take retina-sized screens into account. And Slidebean as a service has worked on a Mac-only environment for more than a few years now. 

We know these descriptions might just give you an idea. 

2- Easy access to your material

Slidebean’s base also sits on a cloud. What this means is you can access your presentations from virtually anywhere on a Mac or iPad. And your work will always synchronize to its latest version. 

Also, Slidebean’s Live Mode offers slide control remotely. You can thus run your presentation directly from a mobile device. That applies if you’re up on stage, as well as in a potential business partner’s office. Those kinds of distances should not be a problem.

The innovation aspect of Slidebean also expands the presentation-making part of our daily business activities. It makes our work needs a more agile and contemporary industry altogether. 

All in all, Slidebean is a platform that facilitates having presentations ready in a matter of minutes. 

3- Cut time down with small learning curves

Remember the enormous learning curve you had to digest to learn how to handle PowerPoint, for example? How do I use the ellipsis crop? How can I change the layout? Those were great old questions. Well, Slidebean has cut down on that considerably with the strength of a button. 

In a matter of a click, the tool generates a more coherent slide design with endless options. Users can also keep clicking until they choose what they like. It’s a never-ending wealth of possibilities. And it’s also this reduction in time that genuinely gives value to the New York-based startup in today’s market. 

4- Industry-specific template offer

Automated formatting can also modify unique content easily. That trait alone is a definite plus for Slidebean. But also, Slidebean offers a significant amount of pre-filled presentation templates. 

The full offer of templates tailored to suit specific parties’ needs is an undebatable characteristic of Slidebean’s online proposition. We’re talking about a range that goes from a master’s thesis defense to comparative market analysis for real estate agents and home-owners, for example. 

Slidebean lets tons of diverse users rely on ready-made material to ease their work. And the references thereof also typically guide users on what to include. Templates can help define what goes on a sales pitch deck template versus a service proposal template for a marketing client, for instance. The examples are numerous!

For those just starting in a particular field or with common queries as to what to include for more effective pitch decks, these resources are a great guide!

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Now, what does Prezi offer?

Let’s now move on over to Prezi’s side of things in this Slidebean vs. Prezi analysis. 

1- Industry leadership

First, we need to acknowledge Prezi’s legacy. Their work let a vast number of audiences finally comprehend that we needed and could move out of PowerPoint’s comfort and established zone. That’s how, as an industry, we got to more dynamic displays in our presentations. We can never be thankful enough for that worldwide improvement.

Also, with the immense amount of users that Prezi has, the uniqueness of their zoom seems to define their style. And it’s one of many people’s liking. So we’ve appreciated Prezi as creators, but audiences also respond very well to their designs. 

2- The Zooming Differentiator

The above makes for a great differentiator for Prezi. As a user, your choice in presentation software is effortless to define. 

That’s also a bit of a giveaway for founders on your business decisions right off the bat. And we won’t judge with good or bad on the result of that. Like the saying goes: to each, their own in a certain way.  

Most commonly, the zooming in and out is a frequent tendency new presenters develop. Unfortunately, the high risk of that is losing your viewers to dizziness. So consider the possible results to your platform and design choices. 

Unfortunately, once you’ve made someone dizzy, it will be almost impossible to draw them back in to capture and stick with you while you go over crucial business material.

3- Designing skills or make an audience dizzy

Now, the tool they provide requires a bit of a learning curve, as well. The time it takes to learn how to create presentations on Prezi properly is one of the primary considerations of ours in this analysis. 

We don’t have to discuss this for long, either. Anyone trying to use the platform knows how fighting text space versus bubbles, for example, is a common struggle at first on Prezi. 

In a nutshell, we feel a studied and experienced designer is needed to develop a remarkable presentation on Prezi.

What to choose, then?

We can’t be more honest than to say the decision truly depends on your availability and time. Yet, also consider your design experience and your available resources. As we said, it’s worth taking a second to evaluate your options. It will make it all more manageable in the long run. 

People sometimes bluntly need reliable and even stunning design done quickly and within seconds. We know that’s why the busiest of entrepreneurs keep resorting to our specific industry templates and our artificial intelligence capabilities. 

As Caya, our co-founder and CEO, put it: “There’s a delicate balance between automation, ease of use, and the flexibility that users expect on a presentation product; this balance is our secret sauce and the reason why our users feel they save time with Slidebean.” 

Let us know, furthermore, if we can be of help with professional-quality presentation design services, as well. You never know when those might come in very handy!

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