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We spend around $20,000/mo in dozens of SaaS platforms that are key to the functionality of our products. On Fridays. we share and discuss one of our favorite ones, followed by a brief discussion on how your company can leverage it a well.

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This we were looking into Ahrefs one of my favorite marketing platforms. It’s hard to put it in one sentence, the best I can do is: ‘a platform for content/SEO monitoring’.

Some of the top features:


  • It lets you crawl ANY website (not just your own), to find out which keywords are bringing traffic, where they rank in Google search, and how much traffic they bring.
  • For any website you add, you get a weekly brief of new keywords and biggest movements in their ranking.
  • We obviously have our websites and our competitors’ sites in here, and we can keep a close eye on what they are doing.


You can also add a list of keywords that you care about, and this will track the historical performance of those keywords in any geographical zone for Google, for both Desktop and Mobiel devices. So for example, even if we are in New York, we can know what is happening with the performance of our organic keywords in San Francisco.



Ahrefs also indexes keywords that you share with other competitors, and tells you which one is ranking best. Sample here:


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