Finden Sie Unternehmer, mit denen Sie zusammenarbeiten können: Ankündigung des Mitbegründers

We are thrilled to tell you about our new product release, coFoundrr: the new and simple way to find a co-founder for your startup.

Slidebean has become the go-to platform for early-stage founders and entrepreneurs to build their pitch decks. As our audience grows, we are looking for new ways to assist them in the complex process of starting a business. This is what motivated the development of coFoundrr.

Hundreds of founders have come to us for help developing their pitch decks and telling a compelling story about what they are trying to build. Often times, their lack of a complete team is the most sensitive part of the deck, and the reason why investors turn them down.

coFoundrr lets you being your quest for a cofounder with a couple of clicks: sign up with LinkedIn and start swiping, it's that easy. You'll be connected to thousands of like-minded entrepreneurs from around the world and be notified as soon as we find a match.

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