How to find a co-founder for your startup?

The best co-founders are like partners in crime; they challenge and support you in equal measure, and they have your back through thick and thin. If you can find someone who meets all of these criteria, you're well on your way to building a strong foundation for your startup.

How Slidebean can help you find a co-founder?

These are a few of the ways Slidebean can help you find a co-founder in our platform

Slidebean Community Events

If you're looking for a co-founder for your startup, or just want to connect with other entrepreneurs, Slidebean has weekly virtual events and in-person meetups around the world.

Startup Lessons

If you're thinking about starting a startup, there's a lot you need to learn. We created our startup lessons to help you set your startup up for success. Our lessons cover everything from how to find a co-founder to what kind of legal structure to choose.

Legal documents every founder needs

If you're starting a new company, it's important to have a clear understanding of how equity will be distributed among the founding team. Our cap table template can help you estimate the initial share distribution, and our RCA can help you protect your company's intellectual property.

FAQs about Co-Founders

Why finding a Co-Founder for your company is important?

How to find a co-founder?

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