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Managing a pharmacy is challenging. Plus, with the increase in clients requiring home deliveries, these businesses have struggled to keep up. Rx DeliveredNow believes that access to medication doesn't have to be complicated. 

This startup created a platform for pharmacies to manage the logistics around medication. This includes supply, deliveries, and even fulfilling compliance requirements. 

The co-founders had a clear vision of where to take their business, but one challenge lay ahead: while both had ample experience in tech, they weren't designers. This meant they needed a tool that would help them create an aesthetically pleasing deck, and that's when they discovered Slidebean. 

How Rx DeliveredNow wanted to solve an essential problem

The pandemic caused a spike in demand for delivery services, but not equally. Michael Nguyen's wife, a pharmacist, noticed that medication delivery wasn't easy to come by, even though food and products quickly reached their home. 

For patients, the process was complicated and tedious. For pharmacies, there were too many variables that could go wrong. That's when it hit him. Access to medication needed a solution. Michael contacted Anthony Do, a registered pharmacist, and together they came up with a modern solution. However, they knew many pharmacies relied on antiquated software that made integration difficult. 

Their solution was a network that integrated all the logistic variables in one platform. It also provided users and businesses with visibility and even fulfilled compliance requirements. 

A perfect tool for those who aren't designers

Now, they had to take this idea and create a pitch deck with it. Then, a challenge arose, as the Head of Marketing, Aileen Pham, explained. 

"Our founder Anthony, the CEO, is actually quite tech-savvy, but he's not great with aesthetics. So, Michael suggested using Slidebean" - Pham

According to Pham, cofounder Michael Do is a big believer in tools. So as he searched the web for online tools to make life easier, he discovered Slidebean. He not only used the software to improve presentations but also turned to Caya as a mentor. Another essential aspect that Slidebean provided was the chance for the CEO to streamline his workload. So, he no longer had to worry about the visual aspect of his documents. 

The startup had struggled to translate the cofounders' ideas into a workable document. In fact, Rx DeliveredNow had created an initial one-sheet document using in-house designers. But the product didn't live up to expectations. 

"We wanted the content to be genuinely from the founders and that it would read that"

"We wanted the content to be genuinely from the founders and that it would read that," Pham explained. So, for a document as important as a pitch deck, the founders relied on Slidebean's feedback. Then, by combining their vision with Slidebean's tools, they developed an ideal investor pitch, an essential aspect for the future.

Rx DeliveredNow aims at VCs and doctors

An interesting aspect about Rx DeliveredNow is funding. The startup uses a combination of crowdfunding and VCs. Currently, it has more than 700 investors, with a healthy mix of Venture Capital, and plans to use crowdfunding until November 2021. Then, it hopes to tackle the pitching process using the pitch deck from Slidebean

That's not the only document that Aileen Pham needs for her team. She also plans on creating a straightforward one-pager through Slidebean that the sales team can share with ease, and hopes to use Slidebean for other future materials. Rx DeliveredNow currently works with pharmacies, drivers, and patients. So, each group has different onboarding processes, and she plans to create documents for each area.

"To me, it seems very user-friendly. I'm handling the branding as well, and I prefer to use Slidebean. It is more modern than what we offer"

"To me, it seems very user-friendly. I'm handling the branding as well, and I prefer to use Slidebean. It is more modern than what we offer", she commented. "There's even an aesthetic that I didn't even know would suit us." Rx DeliveredNow plans to reach out to another valuable component in the access to medication: doctors. So, to communicate with them, the company needs to have the right tools. 

"In the end, it's all for sales. So, we want to make it as streamlined and as easy to understand as possible", Aileen added. 

Slidebean Can help

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