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Learn to use your spreadsheet

Watch our series of Youtube tutorials to master financial projections for your startup
Financial Model Workshop Women

Financial Modeling Workshops

Learn to use your Financial Model

Join our Financial Modeling Workshop, and you’ll be able to:

  • Learn how to stay on top of your startup runway month over month
  • Understand the growth budget needed to achieve your revenue goals
  • Learn how much you need to raise from your investors
  • Budget new team hires and other company expenses
  • Become your own CFO
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Our Secret Sauce:
Driver-based planning

We approach financial models based on measurable drivers, not on vanity assumptions.

Our goal is for you to understand which KPIs will drive your startup's revenue, to make assumptions based on real-world benchmarks and to bring real-world data as soon as you have it.
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Driver based planning

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$300M+ raised by our clients
Companies we’ve worked with have raised more than $300 million combined. These are some of their stories:

Case study: Cloaked Wireless

“Slidebean understood a complex financial model with ease and helped us raise $425k”
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Case study: EntreVideo

"Having the validation of our financial model, plus all the tips, was super cool. Slidebean opened up our minds a lot"
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