Financial Model Template for eCommerce

Google Sheets + Microsoft Excel Template

  • Estimate growth based on cost of acquisition, and organic traffic to your website.
  • Estimate your active/recurring customers and how many repeat orders they make.

Repeat orders are the key

We designed a model that takes into account the importance of regular customers.
You can estimate the percentage of new customers
eCommerce Dashboards

Custom SaaS Dashboards to track orders and profitability


Color-coded sheets that cover the basic expense and revenue categories for any financial model.

Cap Table

Estimate equity and convertible note rounds of funding, from Pre-Seed to Series C.

Documentation & Support

A complete knowledge base, and phone support available from our financial analysts.

Financial Model Template for

Available in Microsoft Excel
and Google Sheets format

Need a custom model?

Financial Model Consulting

Our team can help customize your spreadsheet and train you on how to use it to run projections. We've helped hundreds of companies create models, from mobile apps, to crypto and real estate.
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