The budget spreadsheet for founders

20,000+ companies use our Financial Model spreadsheet to manage their company budget

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Available in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel


Color-coded sheets that cover the basic expense and revenue categories for any financial model.


Intuitive output dashboards, including financial statement, cash flow and balance sheet.

Cap Table

Estimate equity and convertible note rounds of funding, from Pre-Seed to Series C.

Documentation & Support

An complete knowledge base, and phone support available from our financial analysts.

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Startup Financial Model Template

Built by founders, for founders.
Available in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel.

Blank Template

A blank financial model spreadsheet,
so you can bring your own formulas

Pre-Built Templates


A complete model for SaaS businesses, with MRR, LTV and churn functionality
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An eCommerce model for online sales, including an inventory tracker
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For companies that connect buyers and sellers, and charge transaction fees or subscriptions: think platforms like Uber or eBay

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Mobile App

A model to estimate in-app purchases, subscriptions, and ad revenue
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Financial Model Workshop Women

Don’t speak spreadsheet? Worry not!

Financial Modeling Workshops

We’ve built a program that helps founders understand the logic behind financial modeling. This is not a one-off template, but rather a collaborative process for you to learn the trade from our business analysts on how to model and project your financial data.

Our goal is to empower founders like you to make better decisions about their budgets and ultimately help them reach their company goals.
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