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So, we'll introduce to you a bit of that game before we present Slidebean's Bioshock game pitch template, as well. And there are valid reasons why we're doing that. Stay tuned to find out why!
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Video games give access to enticing new worlds. We leave reality as we know it to dive into new fictions that offer endless possibilities. In them, we can be whomever we choose and travel to places on adventures and conflicts as impressive as they make them! In this sense, anyone who's into gaming would've heard of Bioshock by now. So, we'll introduce to you a bit of that game before we present Slidebean's Bioshock game pitch template, as well. And there are valid reasons why we're doing that. Stay tuned to find out why!

What is Bioshock?

Bioshock's a first-person shooter game that was launched back in 2007. It's based on utopian ideas that turn into a dystopian universe by diverse thinkers and writers, including George Orwell and Aldous Huxley, of course. The game itself is set in the 1960s, and players guide the protagonist through an underwater city called Rapture from which they need to escape.

Moral dilemmas come up along the way, which, along with mechanics and the story itself, make this game highly unique. 

To rule its success, note how the game's followed by two sequels, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite.

Bioshock startup history

Irrational Games might sound like trouble. In terms of BioShock, though, this is just its creators' name. As a company led by Ken Levine and Jonathan Chey in Massachusetts, the first demo of what would later be Bioshock came to life in 2002. However, it wasn't announced until 2004, and funding came partly a year later from an acquisition by a company called 2K. 

According to The Guardian, the Bioshock series has made over half a billion dollars in revenue.

Why is Bioshock important?

Of course, the above figures speak of success for a product in gaming. But, if it wasn't sufficient as a startup case, Bioshock is also an important reference in gaming. It's gotten lots of claims in videogame criticism that are tied to different aspects of the game. 

On the one hand, there's the storyline that's based on user choices and available morals. On the other hand, the game works on incredible immersive environments and a quite unique setting. 

Bioshock has been awarded by different gaming sites, such as GameSpot and GameSpy. It also received an award for Best Xbox 360 Game at the 2007 Leipzig Games Convention. At IGN's "Best of 2007," BioShock won the award for PC Game of the Year, Best Artistic Design, and Best Use of Sound, as well. Talk about bringing home a trophy trilogy, right?

BioShock game pitch template

Thanks to all of the above attributes, we consider Bioshock's game pitch template to efficiently serve as a role model for other gaming pitches out there. This is why we'll go over what constitutes Bioshock's game pitch template slides one by one. We hope this helps out whenever you need to resort to this template for any reason. 

Bioshock game pitch template slides

Here's a description of the slides that make up our revamp of Bioshock's game pitch template: 


The opening four slides to this pitch all serve to give an introduction to the game. 

The first one works on a firm visual reference and a very simple, powerful phrase to describe the product. Exercise the power of a superb image here with just the proper text to get you started. 

The second and third slides tell a story (as every pitch deck should), one that users will be playing to get them in the game's mood. It's a bit heavy on the text side, however. So, if you can cut this back to a few words, even better. 

The fourth slide refers to the overview and general history of the game.


Our fifth template slide breaks what came for a change of the pitch into a new section. And that's perhaps precisely what innovation is supposed to do, no?

This is how the template moves on to touch upon its main innovation features. As such, it focuses on what makes the game so different from others within the same genre. And that starts with its design.

Game Design 

On this new slide, BioShock included mention of players' absolute control over the environment, weapons, and bio modification. Highlight special features or attributes to all that hard work!


The Unreal Warfare engine provides a striking visual. It sets expectations for users about the game, too.


To pitch, these slides included physics sections that sought to explain the Karma physics engine. As you can see so far, images speak way louder than words. Giving the audience a sneak peek of the matter with pictures of the real product demo helps form opinions on the quality and level of finesse that comes with our specific build. It helps give an overall sense of that which is being pitched. 


Highlight ground-breaking or appealing features whenever you can. In this case, the template stresses how players can face each other during the game.


Ken Levine, a writer, also known for his work on System Shock 2, Thief, and Freedom Force, was the mind behind BioShock's storyline. And the company didn't fail to make it clear. 

If you've got a great asset with proven background and experience in an area, especially with results that have been well-acclaimed, make the best of it and let it shine! Make sure it stands out. 

Amazing features

After a general slide highlighting BioShock's users' main experience, the next four sum up other great features. Those include being in control of most of the game's environment, making personal weapons, and hacking security features. Players can also modify the game's world in itself and use bioengineering for genetic enhancements. Don't be afraid to take up room over a slide to get a precious point across right. 


The most important points regarding the game are a perfect wrap-up to end an excellent gaming pitch. Remember that fundraising efforts should include the exact amount you're looking to raise should you pitch investors. 

Want help with your gaming pitch?

Take a look at our stunning Bioshock game pitch template and get inspired for your own pitch deck. If not, visit our Consulting and Design Services to get help from experts and make stunning slides. 

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