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When presenting to investors, boards of directors, B2B clients or potential users, it’s quite useful to have a robust business portfolio.
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Business Portfolio

Language can be tricky when it comes to business portfolios. Some will speak of an individual’s business portfolio to describe the resume that outlines that person’s professional background and personal abilities. Those need to include a person’s qualifications as backed by educational degrees, performance reviews, letters of recommendation, and more. 

We then have a business portfolio for a company, which is more or less the same as the above that we mentioned for an individual, yet at a corporate level. We’re focusing on that notion throughout this article. 

What is a company’s business portfolio?

When we talk about a business portfolio for a startup or any company in general, we tend to describe the set of products and services that business offers. And this description includes the company’s investments as much as any diverse brands or businesses it might have. 

Be careful not to confuse a business portfolio with a product portfolio, either. The latter refers strictly to a company’s sales in terms of physical items placed in a market. On the contrary, business portfolios must include many other assets, including any equipment and machinery a company possesses, for instance. 

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What is a business portfolio analysis?

When people talk of a business portfolio analysis, we look more into all of what goes into a company’s portfolio, as we described above. Yet, we do so hoping to analyze all of what that entails to then compare that offer and quality to the competition. As of then, we aim to outline a needed performance. That’s especially so as entrepreneurs try to look at sales to enhance a company’s growth possibilities. 

What should go into a business portfolio?

You know we love giving presentations. And to achieve successful ones, we always try to make the best of smart templates. So, we’ll answer the question of what needs to go into a business portfolio by describing what goes into our popular business portfolio template. 

  1. Company intro

Our first slide starts with 3 lines of text. One is there to allow input of your company’s name, including the name of the portfolio on which you’re giving this presentation and date it. 

Take the chance here to brand your presentation right off its start. Choose an image that speaks of your company, if not just your company logo.

If you switch over from the content tab at the top to the design one on Slidebean, you should be able to find the AI customization button right from the first slide. That’s the case for any template, slide, or point on Slidebean. Use that AI feature to help with your design whenever you want!

  1. Welcome slide

We then suggest you introduce your company uniquely. We added a badge there as an icon to this particular template. Yet, of course, replace it with any general image of relevance to the content you’re going to add. The idea is for this slide to be engaging as a welcoming message to your pitch. 

What’s so great about our AI tool, and we admittedly say this proudly, is that we give you tons of room to work on your content in every slide. There’s just tons of space for it! Take the text box we facilitate in the welcome slide as an example. 

What’s even better is that, once you fit your content into its respective areas, our software orders what you put in it for a stunning design. And this fact alone spares you considerable time in arranging elements for a great look. Let’s move on with our business portfolio presentation now. 

  1. Team presentation

Introduce your audience to the team behind all your hard work. Highlight all relevant players. Examples of those are founders, potential business partners that make a difference in how your business thrives, key investors that are reputable in your industry, etc. Include board members whose trajectory speaks of that powerful resource of advice that you have, for example. Or include that tech person who’ll take your company to the next level based on proven experience. 

We added a few slides for you to achieve this. The first one, slide 3 on our template as it stands, should be a quick, yet smart introduction to the subsequent individual slides that we added from number 4 through 8. 

We only gave you four total as a base, because that’s typically the number of key players to a fantastic team behind any business. However, you can always just go to the upper right-hand corner of any given slide and hit the copy button. A copy and paste will get you a duplicate template slide for you to add what you need. You can also reorder slides with the arrow button on the left of the copy/paste one.

And slide number 9 is a summary of skills that we created to put your team capabilities into perspective in a visual way. This is another edit that can be achieved very quickly. 

  1. Project overview

In the end, a business portfolio template is all about a company’s strategic planning. That’s why the next slide centers on an overview of your project. Make an effort to give a compelling visual summary of the project. 

  1. Project timeline

We’ve written about 5 ways you can make the most out of timelines. As we did that, we started with the undeniable efficiency behind that resource. This should be no different for your 12th slide. We made a few blocks, 6 to be precise, available for you to clearly establish a few set dates on deliveries. Order yourself accordingly, give or take a few date mentions, to show how you plan on organizing tasks and needs to meet your project’s objectives. 

  1. Project results

Given you have a successful rendition to your project proposal, there will be a fixed set of results. Make it easy for clients to envision what you’re saying will take place. Describe those in slide 13. 

We suggest quantitative results here that are ordered in line and bar graphs. You can always play around with the tool, however, and present your expected project results how you deem most suitable. 

  1. Contact details

Finally, make sure people can reach you about your project. Considering the more open channels of communication allow flexibility for people to contact you via their favorite means, we included phone, website, and social media information to this slide. The icons certainly help clarify what’s available at a quick glance. 

Especially if you send your presentation via email or through a link, contact details become important as sure ways to get a hold of you for any reason. 

Add new slides

If you face the need to add any new slides to your business portfolio presentation, click on the “new slide” square at the bottom left-hand side of your screen. Doing so will let you include any new elements you wish to add. 

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