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What is a go to market strategy

A go-to-market strategy (GTM) details how an organization will place products into the market to reach maximum market penetration and profitability. It's a detailed strategy for the entire lifespan of a product from the launch all the way until the product is eventually retired. As go-to-market strategies involve all functions of a business, a GTM document is usually quite large and detailed. Our go to market strategy template gives the tools that you need to succinctly and clearly summarize the strategy during a presentation.

The Slides on a Go to Market Strategy Template  

1- Title

The title page should indicate what product the go-to-market strategy is for, as well as the company name.

2- Product Definition

This should outline that product as well as provide a summary of the market problem identification and market problem validation.

3- Market Problem Identification

This addresses what problems have been identified in the market that the product solves. You can go into detail, particularly if it is a very niche market for your go to market strategy template.

4- Market Problem Validation

This slide should address in detail how the product solves the market problem. Provide graphs and figures to support the assertion.

5- Strategic Objectives

Use this slide to provide an overview of the expectations for the product, including how it will evolve during its lifespan and how it will be introduced to new markets. The planning horizon for these objectives will depend on the particular organization.

Identifying your Market

Market and Client Identification

The market identification section should include details such as what the target markets are, as well as how big these markets are in terms of buying power and reachability.

Client segmentation in a go to market strategy template will then discuss the demographics and clusters found within the client base that can be marketed to effectively.

You can also discuss various client or market insights that have been provided by research that will support the strategic objectives of the product.

Market and Competitive Intelligence

In addition to understanding the market, it's vital to predict how competitors will react to the product being launched. Use this slide to detail any market trends and competitor reactions that may affect the product launch and subsequent viability.

Beta/Market Test

A beta test launch can help you identify issues with the product and its viability. Use this slide to detail any beta testing plans and how this feedback will be incorporated into the final product.

Go-to-market Strategy

The previous slides can be viewed as an introduction. This is now the meat of the presentation, where the actual strategy will be presented.

Create your Business Case

Business Case

This is a summary of the advantages of launching and maintaining this product on the market. Provide the rationale of why this product is being launched and what the expected benefits will be.

Market Strategy

This slide provides a summary of the plan to achieve the objectives for the product. There are many aspects to consider, and each should be discussed briefly.


There are various pricing strategies that can be used during product launch and the lifespan of the product. Use this slide to provide insight into the rationale and benefits of the chosen pricing strategy.

Sales and Sales Support

Ultimately the goal of any business is to sell a product. This slide will outline what tools, training support and selling channels will be used.

Service Support

The best way to develop strong customer relationships is to offer customer support before and after purchase. Use this slide to outline what tools will be used to both develop and measure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Some products may be complex enough to also require training support.

Product Roadmap

Every product changes through its lifetime. This slide in your go to market strategy template.  will detail how feedback from clients is taken into account and how the product is expected to evolve and change based on this feedback.

Closing Slides

External Marketing Programs

How will the product be marketed? This includes all aspects of marketing, from branding strategy to content development and lead generation.

PR and Advertising

This should detail the objectives and resources required for external communication to support the marketing strategy.

Internal Marketing

Use this slide in in your go to market strategy template.  to detail how the product will be marketed internally and how any product changes will be communicated to relevant stakeholders within the organization.

Budget and Resources, KPIs and Metrics

Measurement is vital to consistent product and marketing improvements. This slide will detail exactly what metrics will be used to measure success and also the budget and resources to achieve these goals.

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