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marketing proposal template
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marketing proposal template
marketing proposal template
marketing proposal template
marketing proposal template
marketing proposal template
marketing proposal template
marketing proposal template
marketing proposal template
marketing proposal template
marketing proposal template
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A compelling marketing proposal could also be considered an outstanding business presentation that ultimately makes the difference between captivating a client or losing one. To help nail what’s needed to rock an upcoming pitch on marketing strategies, we’ve come up with a set of 6 steps to a successful marketing proposal. We won’t keep you much longer; let’s get right to the heart of matters. 

What is a marketing proposal?

A marketing proposal puts a project together for a client’s consideration. An excellent one furthermore fits a specific client’s needs perfectly. It incorporates customized courses of action in the marketing field to gain the much-needed credibility to turn an audience into paying customers. These can be considered the start of a business relationship. 

How to write a marketing proposal

Writing a winning marketing proposal is founded on thorough and valuable research on our potential clients. The goal is for the audience to find in working with us a great deal for them. As such, consider yourself a marketer to pitch a marketing proposal to someone. 

Any startup’s marketing team should be able to deliver an excellent marketing proposal to potential customers. For that, we’ll give you a few tips on how to write a marketing proposal for new clients. First, avoid irrelevant details. Project proposals often include much unnecessary information. Rather than help, too many exotic details might actually hurt your chances of getting picked. 

Another tip is to avoid focusing on yourself and your company rather than centering a proposal on a clients’ needs. You could even think of what you deliver more as giving clients options they didn’t realize they needed. You’re the expert in the field. Deliver what surpasses a company or person’s expectations if you can. And make this all about sorting a potential customer’s needs beyond average or acceptable renditions into outstanding results. 

A third mistake you can easily avoid is to structure your proposal. And we can help with that through our free marketing proposal template. Such a thing as the perfect structure for a marketing proposal exists. We’ll elaborate on it as we get to our steps to a successful marketing proposal. 

Steps to writing a marketing proposal template

1. Introduce yourself

As presented in our free marketing proposal template, the first four slides to a marketing proposal introduce ourselves to a potential client. As such, the first slide is a presentation’s cover, while the second one explains your proposal’s purpose. 

Use your third slide as a formal introduction to your company and what you do. And keep the fourth one to provide general statistics about your company. 

In doing the above, seek to impress your customer. You’re in the first few moments to make an impression, which means you should be able to engage people to influence them without going overboard. For that, think about the fine line as a point between showing off and overwhelming with details. There’s got to be some balance. Your introduction won’t be the meat or juice for your business presentation. Don’t go overboard. 

See this for what it is. Introduce yourself, who you are, and whatever credentials you have. Make it clear why anyone listening to you why they should hire you. You’ll have plenty of time to make this clear in many other ways, too, so take it easy at first, also. 

2. Describe your service offer

Once official introductory slides are out of the way, the next two on our set of steps to a successful marketing proposal are used to explain your specific plan. This means expanding on the offer you’re bringing to the table in very explicit and unambiguous terms. There should be no beating around the bush on this. In the end, this is all about the work you’ll be hired to complete. So make it all about that. This section is especially relevant because here’s where you make it clear that you understand the situation so well that you’re just the ideal person to assist in it.

3. Explain how you’ll get things done.

To the juice of it now, present your detailed strategy over the next few slides. Go into the key metrics on which you’ll focus. Show how well you’ve thought this out by breaking down an overall strategy into clear and addressable issues you’ll solve for your client. 

4. Convey your goals

The next two slides should show what you’re capable of achieving for your client. Define the goals on which you’ll focus in terms of growth. Say what you look forward to and what makes this proposal unique. Use this moment to truly let your client see what you conceive possible and the growth you consider deliverable. They should be excited about what you can achieve for them here in realistic and binding ways. 

5. Get practical

Now’s the time to get straightforward about timelines. Specify dates and times when you can make things happen. Be punctual about it all. Consider this your word, so make sure you can stand by what you stipulate here. Develop a timeline that lets you stick to your own plan. Continue to be realistic about it all; it’ll help everyone. 

6. Name your price to close the deal.

The last 3 slides are vital to your presentation. Toward the end, such as here, you’ll need to list your price, or price ranges, and fee diversity. For this, you’ll need actual figures to which you can commit. 

After that, have a slide to show your client what they should expect throughout your marketing proposal’s implementation. Explain your terms and conditions. This should also be quite explicit. 

And have a final slide summarize your vital areas of discussion. Make this last impression something memorable. Conceive this as the last chance you get to seal the deal and turn this potential client into an actual customer.

Best of luck with your proposal

We hope these 6 steps to a successful marketing proposal have been of help to you this far. If there’s any further assistance you might need in terms of content or design, don’t hesitate to contact us. With over 250 successful consulting projects in the last 12 months, our team of talented business analysts can work on condensing your information into a convincing pitch deck anytime!

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