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February 15, 2022

Startups commonly create a "pitch deck" to show to potential angel or venture capital investors. The pitch deck, which typically consists of about eighteen slides in a PowerPoint presentation, is intended to show investors the company's products, technology, and staff.

Raising funds from investors is a time-consuming and tough process. As a result, it's critical for a business to construct a fantastic investor pitch deck by telling an engaging and interesting tale.

Pitch Deck Companies

This article will help you understand what you need to know about pitch deck consulting services for producing a strong, detailed, and entertaining investor pitch deck, as well as some other advice concerning pitch deck services.

Should You Pay For Your Pitch Deck?

Yes. You should.

It seems ridiculous to assume that a PowerPoint file and its contents are worth some bucks of dollars, much less a school project. However, it is worth even more! You can’t compare the potential of having experts to handle your pitch deck project to a newbie with zero experience.

Everyone believes that time is money, so nobody wants to waste their precious time, which is why you need to invest in your pitch deck projects.

Without a doubt, not every pitch deck consultant is worth the top price. But some are unquestionably worth every penny they want. The best pitch deck consultants are not just people to work with but also a necessity to invest in your firm. 

Yes, good pitch deck consultants will do the job more than average consultants, not only by getting you a better pitch deck, but they can increase your chances of getting your startup off in the best possible way. Yes, they can be that influential.

What Is the Importance of Creating A High-Quality Pitch Deck?

As bizarre as it may sound, the fundamental purpose of a pitch deck is to get to the next meeting, not necessarily to get funded.

Creating a great pitch deck informs potential angel investors about your product and services, increasing your chances of getting funds and raising capital for your firm.

The goal of a pitch deck is to capture the attention of investors and persuade them to meet with you again and again. Most intelligent investors will not make a funding choice merely based on a pitch deck, but rather on their reading of the individual seeking investment, in which case you must meet with the investor. So provide them with sufficient data and information, demonstrate that you have done your homework, and invite them to speak with you or your team.

A pitch deck can be an important tool in obtaining capital for a firm, but it is only the first step.

What Factors Should I Consider When Hiring a Pitch Deck Consultant?

You actually would like to hire the most excellent pitch deck design expert available while looking for pitch deck consulting services. Below are some factors to consider when hiring the desired pitch deck consultant:

1. Understand the Essence of Pitch Decks

First and foremost, it’s necessary to consider how important pitch decks are. Business presentations can be viewed as a reflection of your company's ability to provide a simple, simple product to be adopted by many people. As a result, your slide deck should highlight the skills of you and your team.

Make a compelling argument for your startup firm in your pitch deck and startup business presentation, especially in front of investors. This apparent effectiveness will enormously benefit your firm, especially in its early stages. Keep in mind that a high-quality deck can be helpful in securing a promising takeoff.

2. Do your research on all consultants

When it comes to pitch deck consultants, it's always a good idea to look at their professional backgrounds. Find out if they have worked for a startup before or, if they have taken a company beyond its formative stages?

Trust someone with your pitch deck who you know has a track record of creating or assisting in the creation of effective ones. Otherwise, you're treading wrongly to some extent.

Get someone to work on your pitch who can see your deck through the eyes of an investor, for example. To fulfill an investor's initial interest in your firm, a pitch deck consultant must understand and integrate a slide deck's right structure and flow.

3. Examine work samples

You cannot buy a product you haven’t seen. So also, you can't put your trust in someone if you don't know how their works look like. Request samples. Serious pitch deck consulting services will present examples of their previous work.

Check a lot of samples for different consultants. |It’s better to have a large variety of choices than to have limited options. You may also discover significant variances between each deal.

4. Pitch Decks Are No Different from Stories

Basically, pitch decks are stories. Consequently, creating pitch decks is telling stories. So, in a way, the best storytellers are most likely the best pitch consultants. Find someone who can accomplish that while also designing your fresh startup pitch deck.

This is an important piece of the puzzle because all data, text, and design should be geared toward the ultimate aim of pitching through storytelling. Hire someone who can modify your message to be appealing to your target demographic. And it must cater to a wide range of audiences.

Find someone who can communicate your startup's vision, passion, problem, and one-of-a-kind solution offer to a wide range of audiences by narrating your business story.

If your pitch deck design consultant excludes storytelling from the equation, it's advisable to keep seeking someone who can appropriately integrate this from start to finish. In any case, that's what Slidebean does with business pitches.

How much does it cost to hire a pitch deck freelancer?

It all depends vividly on your project objective, you might just need an expert to write your pitch deck, design your pitch deck or even get a full financial modeling service for your project. Now you understand much better that the cost of using a pitch deck consultant services vary, especially if you need a complete deck constructed from scratch. 

You can redesign your slide for as low as $29, and get an expert to handle your custom pitch deck and financial model for as low as  $2999.

Slidebean design agency charges are affordable, and the firm is known to offer a personalized experience and hands-on approach. You can be with them every step of the way to fine-tune and merge your ideas with them. 

Top Five Pitch Deck Consultants

1. SlideBean

Slidebean helps startups pitch to investors. Slidebean has been involved in the investor deck writing and design of over 30,000 startups and companies they have worked with have raised more than $250 million combined.

Hire Slidebean Team

2. Pro Business Plans

Pro Business Plans is a company made up of investment specialists with years of expertise in the financial consulting business. They provide a wide range of products and services, including business plans, pitch decks, market research, private placement and capital raising advice.

3. DeckWorks 

DeckWorks assists businesses in creating pitch decks that keep investors engaged and interested in the material being delivered. The company provides a variety of design packages that include images, graphics, content, and appropriate branding, as well as the option of holding a strategy session and a live review to fine-tune specific details of the slide deck in order to deliver a PowerPoint / Keyword presentation.

4. Unicorn Pitch

Unicorn Pitch is a Munich-based pitch deck design and consulting organization that offers financial consulting goods and services like as pitch decks, infographics, and content production.

They assist entrepreneurs in structuring and presenting their enterprises in a persuasive manner, despite the fact that they do not provide assistance in terms of producing the information required for the slide deck. Unicorn Pitch provides its clients with rapid turnaround time via their 1-day delivery Ultra Express option.

5. Freelance Platforms

There are several large freelancing platforms having over 12 million freelancers registered and over 5 million clients posting over 3 million job postings every year.

With the right search, you may find top expert pitch deck designers and consultants and other skilled collaborators who can help you develop a successful slide deck presentation among the wide variety of job categories offered on such platforms.

Don't be deceived by their low rates; some of these freelancers can bring a lot to the table, which is why such a platform is the go-to site for budget-conscious entrepreneurs looking to create excellent pitch decks.


Looking for software to design your pitch deck? Slidebean is one awesome choice. Easy-to-use professional presentation software that can help you create a strong pitch deck. Want to build your own pitch deck? Sign up on Slidebean and try it out!

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