The challenge:

Since the Airbnb pitch deck was one of the first ones from unicorn companies to be released publicly, we had plenty of input and information from the media attention it got, and the great structure it actually has. Therefore, the challenge at the moment of redesigning it at Slidebean was how to make better something that’s already so good and popular!

Our approach:

We decided we needed to create a mix of images and good layouts to produce a pitch deck that was similar to the look and feel of the current version of Airbnb’s app: Very clean, white, user-friendly, with color accents created by the logo and the images of the properties and experiences.

The solution:

To redesign the presentation, we relied on the app’s visual experience, but we also got inspiration from the editorial design, real estate, and architecture fields. We also created a layout for the number-heavy slides that applies in a unique way to this presentation.

Before (Source: Slideshare)
After (Redesigned by Slidebean)

The result:

The final Airbnb pitch deck, as redesigned by Slidebean, creates an impact in the viewer and the visual flow of the slides makes the audience feel interested and curious. The image layouts and the use of icons are reminiscent of architectural or interior design magazines and evoke the feelings of safety, cleanliness, organization, and good experiences the app portrays.

Airbnb pitch deck design case study

Jan 10, 2020
María Portillo
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