How to hire an Investor Pitch Deck Design and Writing Service?

In looking for pitch deck consulting services, you genuinely wish to hire the best pitch deck design consultant out there. And while we specialize in design services, we’d like to give you tips today on how to best choose the right fit for your upcoming startup business presentation. 

1. See it for what it is

First off, we need you to take pitch decks into account for how much they matter. Business presentations can be considered a reflection of your company’s capacity to generate a product that is intuitive enough to reach mass adoption. Therefore, your slide deck needs to speak of you and your team’s ability. 

Make a compelling case out of your pitch deck and startup business presentation, then, especially in front of investors. Take this to heart. 

Excelling in this aspect can considerably help your business, especially in its initial stages. Bear in mind a top of the line kind of deck can help secure a promising takeoff. 

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2. On background checks

A background check can’t hurt anyone. And, when it comes to pitch deck design consultants, it’s worth looking into their professional background. Have they done any past work with startups? Have they owned businesses? Or have they been able to get a company past its initial rounds, even? 

Trust a person with your pitch deck that you know has proven to make or help create successful ones. You’re otherwise following the wrong person’s footsteps to some degree. 

Get someone to work on your pitch who can assuredly see your deck from an investor’s point of view, for example. A pitch deck design consultant needs to comprehend and integrate the proper structure and flow of a slide deck to meet an investor’s initial interests in your business. 

3. Look for testimonials

Don’t be a pitch deck design consultant’s first job. While you can surely take that risk and spare up on a few coins, it might not be worth pitching an investor on a newbie’s effort. Your business is worth the rational spending of going for proven and unbeatable pitch deck design

Ask for testimonials, get client reviews, check out what others have said about the pitch deck consulting services you’re about to hire. And, in this sense, it’s best if you have a broad sample of reviews coming from different recipients to a pitch deck. That means it’s better if you can see testimonials from an investor as much as customers and collaborators. 

4. See work samples

You can’t trust someone to do a great design job if you don’t know how their work looks. Ask for samples. Most serious pitch deck consulting services will showcase their past work. 

If that’s not the case for the place you’re thinking of funding, take a look around elsewhere. You might find there are considerable differences in every offer. 

5. Get a storyteller

We’ve stressed the importance of telling a story as you deliver a pitch deck many times before. And we’ve done that as any successful pitch deck indeed tells a story. Get someone who can do that for you as they design your new startup pitch deck. 

This part of the puzzle is crucial as any data, copy, and design should gear towards that ultimate goal of pitching through storytelling. Get someone who can tailor your message in a way that’s compelling to your audience. And it needs to suit diverse audiences at that. 

If the provider you choose fails to comprehend that, you’ve just paid to have half a battle pending. Get it right off the bat, instead. 

Find someone who can get your startup vision, passion, problem, and unique solution offer across to a range of audiences through telling your business story. 

If you find your pitch deck design consultant leaving storytelling out of the equation, it’s best you keep looking for someone who can adequately integrate this from beginning to end. That’s what we do with startup business pitches, anyhow. 

Slidebean’s offer

Let’s compare our offer to what’s already out in the market. While we could speak of our competition, we’ll stick to highlighting our offer and let you compare.

At Slidebean, our founders are the ones directly working for you. They don’t only get their hands involved in the design part of your deck, at which we excel just by looking at what we’ve done. They also get involved in pinning down the right story for your business, breaking down your business model, and figuring out your unfair advantages. With us, you get multiple sessions with our founders, starting with a phone call with our CEO, Caya

After that, you send any documentation our way so we can get to writing. For this, you can upload your slides directly to our secure cloud. Once we’ve worked on it, we send the material back to you for approval. If you deem we need to make any adjustments, we do. 

Once settled, we move this over to our design team’s skillful hands for real fun. And this won’t be it, of course. You get revisions to ensure your final delivery is 100% of your liking.

What’s more, you’ll get your last slide delivery in any format you need, which includes PowerPoint, Google Slides, Keynote, and, of course, Slidebean.

How do you know you can trust us?

As a software-as-a-service platform, we’re a VC-funded company with 600,000+ users worldwide. Most of our users are early-stage startups, businesses with which we’ve been working for more than seven years. We have also helped companies raise more than $300 million in funds combined.

Having been a part of Dream It, 500 Startups, and other accelerator programs, we’ve also shared office spaces with some of the most successful tech companies in the world, and we’ve learned from and with them.

Whether you’re writing and designing a new pitch deck, re-designing an existent presentation, or using a pitch deck template, our founders have got you covered with everything you need right here at Slidebean. 

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