Slidebean July 2022 Demo Day

If you're a startup founder, here’s some news for you. Now as part of our all-access plan founders will have the opportunity to participate in our Demo Days.

A Demo Day is one of the most essential steps for a startup founder. It's an event where startup founders pitch their business idea to experienced founders, investors, and VCs. It's an excellent opportunity to get your idea out there and get valuable feedback. Plus, all demo days come with a reward at the end, and the Slidebean Demo Day is no different! (We have really cool prizes. Keep reading to learn more!)

All startups aim to pitch to investors, and some don't get the chance. We, at Slidebean, want our customers to experience a Demo Day with us. 

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Every month we select the top companies that have used our platforms to create their pitch decks, and we host them on a YouTube Demo Day extravaganza, so welcome!

Past Demo Day have included judges such as Reid Hamilton and Stephan Klotzbuecher, who run the New York Chapter of Founder Institute. Along with Chhavi Singh and our very own Caya, they were the judges who selected one winning company. 

The winner earned a free fellowship at the Summer batch of Founder Institute NYC, along with eternal Youtube glory!

Why should you participate in the Slidebean Demo Days?

Pitching to investors can be stressful. You have a limited amount of time, and you're facing the best VCs and investors. So, you want your pitch deck to be perfect. 

Trust us, it's what we do every day. We help companies pitch to investors, and we've learned a lot about this process. Now, we want to share all that knowledge with you. So, what better way to learn about pitching to investors than with us? 

The Slidebean Demo Day is an excellent opportunity to get feedback on your pitch deck plus tips from our CEO on engaging with investors and VCs. We’re also including the chance of having a complete pitch deck redesign.

By the way, sign-up is a breeze. (It takes less than a minute). 

In short,

Four companies will get:

  • A prep/rehearsal session with Caya
  • A complete pitch deck redesign

Out of those four, two will be the winners, and each will get a special prize announced each month. Previous prizes included Founder's Institute in NYC fellowships, trips to NYC to work with the Slidebean team, among others.

Who can participate in the Slidebean Demo Day?

The Slidebean Demo day is open to our customers only. (Yes, you! That's how important you are). 

All you need is to have is a paid Slidebean account, a pitch deck ready to submit (don't worry, we allow participants to use any format), and apply on our app

How does the Slidebean Demo Day work?

The Slidebean Demo Day will include tons of valuable stuff for all startup founders.

First of all, here’s the main event:

Slidebean Demo Day:

Our main event is the Slidebean Demo Day. Here is how it’s going to work: 

  • All companies will submit their pitch decks via the form on our app
  • We will select the top four decks
  • Each of the selected companies will pitch its deck in 4 minutes or less
  • After the pitch, there will be a 10-minute Q&A + Feedback session. This will include the Slidebean founders and a couple of special guests from the Founder Institute
  • Once all the companies have pitched, the judges will declare two winners.

Free Community Events at Slidebean Demo Day

The great thing about our Slidebean Demo Day is that it doesn’t end there. We will also have free community events where all Slidebean customers can sign up. 

After the introduction, we will have small breakout rooms so you can network and get the most out of the conversation. Caya will also be dropping by each room to provide some of his own experience with demo days and pitching to investors. 

Then we'll have a live Q&A session with Caya where you’ll have to opportunity to get all those questions that you've had out there. We love Q&As because it gives founders the chance to listen to what others have in their minds.

Apply to the Slidebean Demo Day

So, are you ready to take part in the Slidebean Demo Day? All you need to do is apply here

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