Slidebean Spotlight - Ace the Pitch

Marta Kagan


Creator of 2 of the most popular SlideShares of all time and part of Slidebean’s top users Marta Kagan is a branding and communication master who has been helping VC-funded startups and global consumer brands alike explain what they do. 

When she’s not making presentations, that have generated over 10 Million views on social media, she’s saving the tech world from boring presentations by teaching people how to create and deliver exceptionally effective pitches with Ace the Pitch.

How did Ace the Pitch get started?

I love teaching and training others how to communicate persuasively and effectively. I launched Ace the Pitch, my signature online program that teaches entrepreneurs and executives how create and deliver effective presentations that get results, in 2015... because virtually everyone is expected to present, but virtually nobody is taught how to do so effectively.


How do you drink your coffee?

I quit drinking coffee in January, so now my "morning/pick-me-up" ritual is a blend of yoga and hot water + lemon + ginger + a pinch of cayenne pepper.


What has been your biggest mistake when you started Public Speaking? 

Thinking I could just "wing it" or rely on my slides to wow the audience. Turns out it's the story, not the slides that matter most—however, great slides that support a great story are the real killer combo!


How did you find out about Slidebean?

I honestly don't remember! But what I DO remember is how impressed I was with the beautiful templates, the ease of creating content with the app, and the lovely people that have provided help & support ever since I signed up!

You can check out her podcast interview and also enroll for the online course here.