How Health Care Travels used Slidebean to meet investors

While travel around the world slowed down to a halt, one group needed to travel more: healthcare professionals. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there's an increase in the demand for traveling doctors and nurses.

For traveling healthcare professionals, the conditions are very specific: On average stays are, 13 weeks long, and location is vital, as they need to be within close range of hospitals and care facilities. No current platform met those needs, and those that got close were too expensive. There's great potential in this sector. The travel nurse value was $6 BN in 2020, and studies expect it to increase in the coming years. That's where Healthcare Travels comes in. 

Lamesha Davis created Health Care Travels to connect traveling healthcare professionals with homeowners. While the idea was clear, she was facing her own challenges. 

"Before we reached Slidebean, we were having difficulties with finances"

"Before we reached Slidebean, we were having difficulties with finances," Davis explains. "I'm leading a very big platform, and I'm a nurse. I don't have a technical background. There are a lot of new things that I'm learning". 

Lamesha took to the internet to teach herself everything that she had to learn for her new role as CEO of her company. The search for finding resources to educate herself proved difficult but during her search she found Slidebean. But, it wasn't only about finding them; it was about finding credible sources. "Watching the Slidebean YouTube channel actually helped me tremendously." she highlights. 

"Watching the Slidebean YouTube channel actually helped me tremendously."

Plus, Lamesha recognizes herself as a visual person. So, Slidebean's YouTube content provided her with more than just lectures. The animations and graphics made complex topics easier to understand. The frequency with which videos came out also fed her with new information. Most importantly, It was the mistakes that caught her attention. 

"I was like: oh my God, this is me right now. You always want to know about other founders and their downfall to avoid making those novice mistakes. So the checks, and balances, made sense." 

Slidebean also helped Lamesha Davis learn about platforms that could help gain more traction with investors and mentors. 

"I learned about the YCombinator program through one of the videos, then I applied to it. I did both the Startup School and the Accelerator program", she highlights. "It helped in building my company with no previous knowledge."

Meeting investors, with Slidebean’s help 

Lamesha Davis knew that she would need more than just the videos as she created Healthcare Travels.

She noticed that Slidebean had redesigned the Airbnb pitch deck, a platform similar to Healthcare Travels. Knowing that Slidebean had worked with them, she signed up and started making her own pitch deck. 

"I tried to create a pitch deck, and it didn't get too far. I knew what I wanted, so, that's when I said it was time to hire the Slidebean Experts." 

Her busy schedule, and leading a tech team, meant she had little time to focus on the pitch deck. Right from the start, the feedback from the Expert Network was valuable. At first, she wanted to get as much content on the deck as possible. Her challenge was that she didn't know what the deck actually needed.

"With Slidebean, [the experts] would recommend certain themes. Then, they would tell me why they don’t include X slide, or they would give you the expert reasoning", she explains. “From their expertise, working with so many other small businesses, and because there are so many companies that Slidebean is working with, they know what investors are looking for when they’re building a pitch deck."

“From their expertise, working with so many other small businesses, and because there are so many companies that Slidebean is working with, they know what investors are looking for when they’re building a pitch deck."

Looking for investors

For Health Care Travels to find more investors, the pitch deck came in handy. The startup’s first investor was a personal connection of Davis, which is an essential step for those initial fundings (If you want to read more about the topic, check out our article).

"For our upcoming investors, the pitch deck is really useful. First, they review the deck, and now they want to schedule calls", Davis explains. At the writing of this article, Health Care Travels had nine investors scheduled for meetings. 

"As we're building our network with people and sharing our deck, they're showing it to other people. They are doctors, and nurses, and people interested in real estate deals, and those people are reaching out now", she adds. 

The pitch deck is also essential for the next steps. For example, with ongoing restrictions, Lamesha Davis uses the pitch deck to establish contact with investors and VCs. 

Health Care Travels pitch deck redesigned by the Slidebean Agency team
Pitching to investors

We help startups pitch to investors, from writing and designing your pitch deck to building your financial models. If you felt identify with Lamesha Davis' story, we want help. For more information, feel free to contact Slidebean team.

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