15 Call to Action Examples

It’s just normal to be invited to execute a particular set of steps. Yet, the 15 best call to action examples we bring to you today make us forget there were people behind those buttons. Let’s see how we can get users to click, buy, promote, or take a specific action around a particular product.

We’re so used to following instructions that we sometimes fail to realize we’re following someone’s design to get us to a specific place. That’s precisely what some of the 15 best call to action examples manage to do so well. 

When we fall into a “click here” button and find out we’re taking a quiz or just reposted something, we’re taking natural actions on a well-thought-out invitation. That’s also why we sometimes choose to take part in another giveaway. 

What is a CTA?

CTA is an acronym used to express a “call to action.” The term describes those texts or buttons that aim to get visitors to a website, social media page, a mailer, or other virtual locations. They’re overall measures to get users to take a specific action that we want them to execute. As a vital concept in Marketing, CTAs refer to those particular points where we literally ask audiences to do what we ideally need them to do.

Why are CTAs valuable?

CTAs increase click-through rates, which also helps upheave rankings in search engine result pages, for instance. All in all, CTAs can have a real and direct impact on a company’s or independent professionals’ goals. These objectives include increasing sales or a company’s visibility as a business. 

They also give customers a clear idea of what we want and are expecting of them. And it turns out, people actually want to know what they need to do, and they appreciate clarity on how to go about it. Ensure clients are not disappointed or confused. For that, give potential customers clear calls to action that allow them to use exact buttons to reach their goals. 

Because of their capabilities, CTAs should always be a key area in any marketing strategy. They’re not just about telling visitors what we want them to do and how to do it, which is an essential part of getting product sales. It’s also about overall visibility for a company.

Tips for a great call to action

Many tips can help create great CTAs. Yet, we’ll condense 3 of the best tips for CTAs next for you. 

One strategy is to give these sections a sense of urgency. That’s why we can use phrases like “limited time offer.” When visitors know they have little time to profit from a particular offer, they’re likely to take action on promo and sales offers. 

Another tip is to truly focus on a CTA’s design. A big red box with a blunt sign for people to click on it can cut a deal. Still, that easy solution might disrupt the entire design aesthetic around a website or a brand’s marketing materials. We want to keep that from happening with call to action buttons that are a part of our designs and look great. Make CTAs stand out in beauty, basically.

Also, consider the different audiences to which you want to tailor an offer. Cater CTAs to audiences browsing through your sites or virtual spaces. Genuinely think about those users, how they think, feel, what they like, and need. Then, give your target audiences different options to engage better with a brand or a particular offer. 

15 best call to action examples

As we promised, here are the 15 best call to action examples for us for today:

1. The “Read more” button: 

Don’t just give away all of your promo material, neither for free nor right away. On the contrary, make people work a little bit for it. A “read more” button can get people to click for more content, information, and other sales or engagement points.

Image contains a google website with the button read more

2. Social media sharing: 

This CTA is essential nowadays to get people to share content on LinkedIn or any social media platform. It’s a way to get others to know our brand and company, too.

Image contains three social media logos

3. “Sign up for your free trial”: 

Here’s how Asana gets people to join a free trial.

Image contains a website with signup for your free trial button

4. “Buy now” "Show now": 

Look at this Adidas example of a call to action. Their “shop now” button is simple, and people know straight away where to go to do what, exactly. 

Image contains a website with the buy button

5. “Visit site”: 

Regardless of where we place an ad, we want visitors to explore our sites and broader offer. For that, create CTAs that invite users to go to a full site and linger to take a look around.

Image contains a website with the visit site button

6. Give options: 

Here’s an example of a call to action with different options. Visitors get several choices on what to do next.

Image contains a website with the give option button

7. Contact us: 

Clients seek and need to reach us, so we usually create CTAs for them to contact us. They can trigger an email tool as much as just give away our email address. CTAs that go beyond a phone number or email contact can even link back to a chatbox. There’s tons of room for creativity and innovation here. Yet, companies usually go for the lean “contact us” combination. In the end, that’s what customers are seeking.

8. Search box:

This one’s aimed at people looking for an item they need, and it becomes vital if we’re looking for sales. 

Image contains a website with a search box

9. Link in bio: 

On platforms such as Instagram, where no direct links are allowed, CTAs can redirect followers to links on a bio. Or we can ask them to click on a link for a redirect to a site with more information.

Image contains a website with a link in bio

10. Install: 

Need clients to download items? Give them a clear download or install option as your CTA. 

Image contains the install button

11. Product discovery: 

Whenever a new feature or service needs highlighting, create a CTA to take visitors straight to learning more about it.

Image contains a website

12. Add to your browser:

Give users the option to add an extension for a browser right away.

Image contains a website with add to your browser button

13. Upsell: 

Give visitors a call to action for them to upgrade their plan.

Image contains upsell options

14. Get Started: 

Companies that need visitors to sign up for services can integrate a CTA specifically for that. 

15. Complete Form:

And fill out forms help get more information for contacts, sign-ups, and other enrollments that go beyond all CTAs we’ve mentioned this far. 


Ready for a more thorough read?

We hope these examples of the 15 best calls to action help trigger customer response more effectively for your business. If you’d like similar and more content on startup marketing, here’s our CEO’s explanation of Why Your Landing Page Might Be Wasting Your Money

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