What is Crunchbase?

Seeking investors has definitely got to do with why you’re anywhere near this piece of info right now, no? And we’re guessing you’re probably wondering what Investor Finder has got on Crunchbase or vice versa. Maybe InvestorFinder is a new tool for you altogether, though. Or Crunchbase has made you a bit confused, and you want to explore its use further. Want to maximize your investment efforts and wonder if these tools can help you find a much better move, instead? 

If some and even none of the above rings true for you, stick around and check out how Investor Finder evens out with Crunchbase. What we’ll do is first clarify each of the options to let you compare.  

We talk about crunching in excellence, which is probably how you could rate Crunchbase to begin. Cruchbase certainly has a reputation, especially in doing business. So, let’s move on to defining what Crunchbase is and how it works.

What is Crunchbase?

Put all of the valuable information on a company in a single site, and you’ve got Crunchbase’s concrete offer, perhaps. Yet, all of this data is notably displayed by categories and per filters.

Like you would an intimate yet public company directory, people can ultimately serve themselves from tons of stock, legal, and other relevant business information on group companies, investment track records, and more with this site.  

Who uses Crunchbase?

As a professional and business platform, Crunchbase helps people discover companies and connect with those running them. Everyday users and their target market include investors as much as startup entrepreneurs. The site also helps conduct market research and work on sales.

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What is Crunchbase used for

With over 3,500 global investment firms making monthly portfolio updates on this site, Crunchbase becomes a reference to help informed decisions. As a company listing, users can add or edit company or investor profiles to produce and access the most updated information. With that leeway at hand, the idea is for people on Crunchbase to be able to reach: 

1. Potential investors in a particular industry

2. Businesspeople already investing in the kind of business they have

3. Investors focused on the same types of funding rounds as the company seeking them

And this comes with control over selected email notification preferences. 

Crunchbase Pro also comes as an option for an upgrade with a more advanced search tool. It also unlocks unlimited access to their search filters, database, and analytic tools. Saving custom searches, keeping tabs on prospects, and exporting results are all part of the upgraded plan version. 

Crunchbase pricing

Crunchbase Pro goes for the same $29 a month at the time of publishing with annual billing of about $350 approx. This plan is recommended for individual use with a customized plan pricing of the next level on that scale that is better suited for teams. The pricing on that one requires contact, as well. 

What is Slidebean Investor Finder?

Investor Finder’s a tool beautifully designed to help you find investors and angels across all industries. The app matches companies with investors’ profiles. And its goal is to increase your chances of a company’s funding with efficient fundraising.

The plus to above is how the app connects entrepreneurs with genuinely interested people in a specific venture’s industry. This fact alone produces tons of valuable returns.  

Accurate and current data are the app’s perfect solution. And, the way it’s set up, you’ll match with people who are geographically close to you. Spare on dozens of hours while following up with valuable connections.

How does Investor Finder work?

Friendly and easy to manage, people can introduce a startup to the founders who came up with Investor Finder and explain what it is they’re seeking exactly.

After that, a group of experts personally get back to you with a list of investor contacts. That one has been specifically tailored to suit a specific company’s needs, however. All this in less than 48 hours. It truly works that well and smoothly!

With it, you can view previous investments in specific companies and get areas of interest in that breakdown, as well.

All of the above leads to a potentially successful startup pitch, of course! Yet, as if that were not great in itself, you can even craft just the perfect pitch and financial model to secure funding with Investor Finder.

How to find private investors?

Wondering how to find investors to start a business?

There are tons of different strategies a person can use to find investors. For the purposes of this article, we’ll focus on the possibilities InvestorFinder opens and the way things work on Crunchbase to let you judge and compare for yourself.

Costs: A pricing comparison

Investor Finder works on a free version for 5 investor matches per month without credit card requirements. The free investor hunt also gives people access to AngelList and LinkedIn profiles, which lets them explore portfolios. Scale up to 20 matches and email contact in the standard plan for $29 per month. 

There’s also pitch deck and expert help that comes with investor matches as a combo. The title is Investor Finders’ Founder’s Edition, and it currently sells for $149 per month. The plan gives full access to a pitch deck creation platform, templates, and AI design system. It includes office hours with Caya, our CEO; and with dozens of other startup experts. 

Under it, our teams will proofread and come up with tune-ups that go hand in hand with up to $5,000 in startup credits in AWS, Brex, and many other platforms.

Helping investor searches for fundraising

Finding investors can be draining and awfully time-consuming for small returns. Grow with an investor - or a set of them - who are the right fit for your company. Start off with tools such as Investor Finder to cut back on time spent getting the kind of backing your business needs. 

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