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Knowing how to improve your pitch deck in 2021 can be a tricky question. So much has happened this year and we’re not over the first quarter yet! What is there about the new year that could enhance a startup pitch deck? 

Well, the point in time in which we find ourselves opens room for improvement in business presentations, so let’s get to a few considerations on how to improve your pitch deck in 2021. 

Stress out why now’s the time

Fundamentally, any pitch deck that’s rolled over into this year should potently express why 2021 is the perfect time for anyone to invest in your startup. Stressing that out should always be the case. Yet, with the change of year, take some time to highlight why this precise time is the best one to be putting funds into your company.

Take into account recent events

Seriously; don’t let time slide without consideration. On the contrary, include these in your business presentations. How? See if there are any events over the turn of the year that could’ve influenced your market, target audience, or company. 

Anyone in the Eastern part of Asia might find considerable business impact in their day-to-day operations at this time, for example. Will this take a toll on your deliveries, business partnerships, or any other form of logistics, production or market behavior? Determine whether you can already incorporate that to your slides.

It’s worth asking yourself so. 

Update your projections

As we’re at the start of the year, update your business projections to the full scope of the current calendar year. Check your dates to see if there are considerations in this new year to take into account. 

If you haven’t, by any means, consider worldwide holidays not only for your pitch content but also for your business operations in case those affect it for any reason. It can make up for a thoughtful touch to an investor if you acknowledge their potential efforts in meeting with you at an untraditional time. 

On the above, be respectful of faiths and religions, however. Stay on the polite side of the neutral business etiquette, as usual, yet incorporate sensible details when the opportunity allows. As entrepreneurs, handling these sensitivities, yet making the best of any shots at standing out, can go a long way for a business. 

Optimize the use of tech

We’re in 2021 already. If that can mean but one thing, it’s how well-integrated an optimized use of tech should enhance your pitch. 

How many videos or other forms of communication have you incorporated into your slides that are not just plain old text? Go back and check your graphs and other tools. 

Don’t overdo it, in any case. Improvement in this area is not a matter of stuffing your slides with visual content. But go back and make sure you’re indeed making the best of other forms of presenting information than plain text. 

With video format being available for pitch decks nowadays, it’s much easier to create a demo or other form of visual presentation to get the point across. 

Are there any new competitors?

Did the new year bring new competitors to your niche? How long has it been since you checked? As many new startups could’ve been created over the course of the end of the year or the new one, make sure there are no new companies at which you should be looking with a new business offer or product. 

Even though this new startup entry can only reflect so much on your business considerations, now’s a perfect time to refresh those other offers you include in your competitor analysis. 

Revamp your competition slide. Your competitive landscape can be enhanced as you give it a fresh look into this new year. Give yourself the option to check on it. 

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Cut down on slide totals

The never-ending question of how many slides to include per time frame could use your attention as a thought on how to improve your pitch deck in 2021. Did you start your pitch deck with a few too many slides? Now’s a perfect time to see how to cut down on those. 

Filtering is always a great exercise. And, as 2021 moves along, it’ll be a useful practice to check on the total number of slides you’ve needed before to see if you can be more agile in presenting the information you want to include. 

Maybe not everything that looked necessary at the end of the year will be meaningful to you for your business pitch today. Give room and the chance for concision as you go back and check on your previous slides. 

Try new partnerships out

For many companies, 2021 brought around a new start at old business. It’s just the way it works sometimes. With the holidays under the bridge, a renewed sense of doing business might open up new partnership possibilities for you. 

Go back to conversations that maybe got thrown under the bus during the halt of the end of year season. Strategic partnerships can be pivotal to a startup’s long-standing success. If you contacted private parties on developing intellectual property and those contacts could use a renewed hi over email or a brief call to touch base, consider this part of working on your pitch deck content. 

Any distributors you were unable to locate in the rush of putting our business presentation together could perhaps use that contact from you to get new opportunities rolling. 

If anything, re-design!

Maybe your slide content is already at its optimum. Feedback has been precise, and all details are top-notch. How’s your design side of the pitch deck doing? 

If you can now take additional time to revamp your slides in terms of more engaging design, that will be a perfect way of making the best of a pitch deck in 2021. 

You can start by browsing what successful startups have done in our presentation templates section. On the other hand, with our pitch deck services, we put our founders and team of designers’ work available for booking. We work together from founder to another to make the best of your slides. So, as a tip on structure and content, hiring pitch deck design services might be a good option for you. 

If not, then pay attention to your company branding. Look out for appropriate text size and color combinations. Focus on the use you give a color palette and honestly attempt to define how you can work improvements in terms of design into your business pitch deck in a way that makes it simpler and more compelling for your target audiences. 

Thinking of investors, follow the golden rule of keeping your slides simple. 

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