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Slidebean Case Study: Sparkcharge

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"When I go about designing a pitch deck, I think it should be cinematic," Joshua Aviv explained. He's the CEO and founder of Sparkcharge, a company that raised $7 million after working with Slidebean. "It should take people on this journey through your business and what you're trying to present, and it should do it in a way that keeps them interested."

To accomplish this, Fred (one of our team experts) jumped in to help them improve the content and story they were telling with accurate suggestions. 

"I demand perfection, you know? Because that's what an investor, a partner, or a sales opportunity will see. So, every little detail matters", he added. Aviv took great pride in his pitch decks. He created all the company's pitch decks but faced a technical challenge. "I used PowerPoint, and I would spend weeks crafting every detail." 

The software was labor-intensive, and every update required extra effort. Adding something as simple as text distorted the entire pitch deck. After fine tuning all the details, the additional step was to export the files into a PDF.

"It was just a headache," Aviv added. "So, we needed a tool that would allow us to make iterations quickly, but also have one location where we knew the pitch deck lived." That tool would be Slidebean. 

"The pitch deck is crucial; it's the first thing that an investor asks for," Aviv explained. "By going with Slidebean, we were able to captivate and create a very cinematic and visually appealing pitch deck for investors."

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Sparkcharge wants to solve one big problem with EVs

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are now the latest craze in transportation, with sales increasing 83% from 2020 to 2021, but they face one big problem. EVs take longer to charge their batteries than gasoline or diesel-powered vehicles. Plus, access to charging stations is still lagging behind as infrastructure has been slow to catch up. 

So, for EV drivers, there's always a risk of running out of electricity before reaching the next charging point, and Aviv wanted to change this. 

"We're creating the world's first mobile, intelligent on-demand EV charging network," Aviv explained. "We believe that EV owners should be able to have their cars charged anytime and anywhere they want."

To accomplish this goal, Sparkcharge has developed two core technology pieces. The first is a mobile app called Currently. With the push of a button, an EV owner can have range delivered to them, regardless of the location. Then, staff will charge the vehicle using the company's second core product, the Roadie. 

The Roadie is a portable charging device that allows Sparkcharge to deliver range. This mobile charging station can provide 120 kW of energy without connecting to the grid. So, in one hour, an EV owner can have enough charge on their vehicle for 50 to 100 miles of range. 

The finished pitch deck 

We're thrilled to show you the finished results. As you can see, here is the original design and our finished version. 

Pitch Deck Written and redesigned by The Slidebean Agency
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Reaching out to investors

Once Sparkcharge had the pitch deck they needed, it was time to reach out to their desired investors (try the Slidebean Investor Finder). Again, the pitch deck became the conversation starter and helped Aviv and his company speed through fundraising. Then, as conditions changed, the pitch deck became even more critical. 

"With COVID, everything has been virtual," Aviv explained. "Now, more than ever, the need to present and share your screen, and have that presentation ready to go, has been crucial."

Investors turned their attention to Sparkcharge. From its foundation to 2020, the company raised $4.3 million. The pace didn't slow down as, in November 2021, Sparkcharged raised its biggest round yet, with $7.3 million. 

Sparkcharge also created several partnerships with big names such as Allstate and Spiffy and big investors such as Mark Cuban. As a result, the company has operated in San Francisco, San Jose, Los Angeles, and Dallas. Currently, it's on pace to deliver 100,000 miles of rage soon. As for the pitch deck, Josh Aviv has plans to keep improving. 

"We did a pitch deck design which we were very happy with, and then, we did a pitch deck touch-up," Aviv commented. "We'll probably do another touch-up towards the end of this year to keep it up to date. 

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