8 Elevator pitch examples for students

At some point in their lives, every student should care about having a successful elevator pitch they can pull up with great ease. That’s why we’ve picked out a set of the best elevator pitch examples for students. We’re hoping these will help you deliver impressive elevator pitches to further your career when needed. 

What’s an elevator pitch for students?

The name given to elevator pitches refers to the pitch’s duration, which needs to be quicker than an elevator ride. A well-delivered pitch of this kind should, therefore, be no longer than 30 seconds. 

Whether in high school or college, great elevator pitch examples for students need to be a quick overview of their educational, but moreover professional successes. It is a way of presenting themselves quite clearly and concisely and it should include mention of the person’s goals and set of skills. 

When would I use an elevator pitch?

Elevator pitches work well to put in a good word for you with someone who interests you professionally, at an educational level, or in your career. This is why we highly recommend you work at memorizing it. 

They’re usually helpful during job interviews or job fairs, but you can pull on them whenever you meet someone - anywhere - who might somehow be helpful or of interest to you. This can mean someone sitting next to you during a quick flight as much as business people in a networking event or a new guest at a family party.  

Also, think of your profile on LinkedIn, for instance. Editing some of the best elevator pitch examples for students can make up for the perfect update to your professional social media. 

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What makes up an elevator pitch?

First of all, think of a very impressive introduction; something that makes you stand out right off the bat. This will vary depending on the occasion, and that’s perfectly okay. You also need to think of ways of linking your pitch in conversation, so being clever about variation will help. 

Also, make sure to include your professional and educational background in your elevator pitches along with your goals. Any brilliant extracurriculars you have in your stock should definitely be mentioned. And, though performance is important, think more about actions and concrete experience you’ve accumulated rather than the good grades you’ve gotten. 

The idea is for you to present yourself as the ideal party to whatever pushed you to share your pitch in the first place. Then wrap this up with a question that matters, such as who the best point of contact is to follow up on your interest later. 

To give you some ideas, you can ask about internship opportunities. You can say you would like to gain experience or interview for a specific role. 

Also, make sure you get business cards if you don’t already have some. Hand one out as you finish your pitch and increase your chances that way of sealing your deal. 

These should be some of the most helpful 30 seconds to your career than you have ever imagined. So, if you make it short and to-the-point, you’re bound to make a great impression. 

- Download a free template here: Elevator Pitch Template

Elevator pitch examples for students

Now, here are a few great elevator speech for college students examples to guide you further:

1. Presenting Yourself to Potential Employers:

"At a job interview, the spotlight is on you. In 30 seconds, you can offer a compelling snapshot of who you are. I'm pursuing a Business Communications degree from the University of California, where I've interned and am currently a Development Assistant at Cali Dreams. I've boosted operational efficiency and secured successful fundraising ventures. My strengths in prospect material production align with my ability to foster agency connections and develop strategic calendars, making me an asset as your business developer."

Advice: Start with your name and academic pursuit. If relevant, mention your expected graduation date. Transition to your professional background, highlighting accomplishments. Tie these accomplishments to skills aligned with the job you're seeking.

2. Crafting a Stand-Alone Presentation:

"Imagine standing before an esteemed socially-engaged company upon graduation. I'm Jane Doe, a Linguistics undergrad at the University of Virginia. As Head Editor for our college magazine, I've honed research and editing skills. At the Globes, my internship showcases my media reporting, interdepartmental coordination, and audience awareness. As your assistant communications director, I'm poised to contribute to your innovative community involvement program. Consider me for any open positions, and I appreciate your time."

Advice: Begin with an attention-grabbing hook that resonates with the company's values. Share your academic background and the role you're currently excelling in. Link your skills to specific responsibilities mentioned in the job description.

3. When Experience Is Limited:

"Hello, I'm John Rogers, a sophomore at the University of South Florida, passionate about cutting-edge applications in Information Technology. I aspire to pursue a graduate degree in Applied Informatics, building on my current expertise in information sharing and online collaboration. I'm eager to grow as a mobile app developer within your company. I'm keen to learn more about your internship opportunities and would appreciate insights into your latest mobile application development discoveries."

Advice: Start with a friendly greeting and your name, followed by your academic status. Express your enthusiasm for a specific area and outline your ambitions for further education. Show your eagerness to contribute and learn, and conclude by engaging with a question related to the company's field of interest.

4. Networking Event:

"Hello, I'm Sarah, currently a senior pursuing a psychology degree at [University Name]. Over the past year, I've been immersed in a fascinating study that explores the impact of mindfulness on reducing stress levels among college students. This research was even showcased at our department's annual symposium. I'm excited to connect with professionals who share a passion for advancing mental health awareness and solutions."

Advice: When delivering your elevator pitch, maintain eye contact and speak confidently. Express sincere curiosity about their experiences in the field while briefly discussing your research findings.

5. Career Fair:

"Hey there, my name is Alex, and I'm a recent graduate with a business degree from [University Name]. During my academic journey, I led a dynamic student consulting initiative focused on boosting donor engagement for a local non-profit. This effort led to an impressive 15% increase in donor participation. I'm actively seeking roles that allow me to leverage my project management skills and contribute to organizations dedicated to meaningful societal change."

Advice: Emphasize your quantifiable achievement—the 15% increase in donor engagement—to showcase your impact. Express your excitement to work within organizations that align with your values and aspirations.

6. Internship Application:

"Greetings, I'm Jamal, a junior majoring in engineering at [University Name]. Last summer, I had the privilege of interning at [Engineering Firm], where I was an integral part of the design team for a sustainable energy project. As I embark on my journey toward an enriching career, I'm actively pursuing a summer internship opportunity where I can continue to apply my technical skills and contribute to innovative solutions."

Advice: Customize your pitch to the internship you're interested in by mentioning your past experience and showcasing your enthusiasm for new challenges. Demonstrate your knowledge about the company's ongoing projects.

7. Student Organization Meeting:

"Hi everyone, I'm Emily, currently a sophomore who's passionate about journalism. As the editor of our campus newspaper, I've been orchestrating the coverage of major campus events and conducting insightful interviews with distinguished faculty members. My goal is to collaborate wholeheartedly with each of you to infuse fresh perspectives into our publication and elevate our storytelling endeavors."

Advice: Infuse your pitch with your dedication to the organization's mission. Share a glimpse of your responsibilities as an editor and express your eagerness to contribute to the collective objectives of the group.

8. Informal Meetup:

"Hey, I'm Jake, a second-year computer science student at [University Name]. I've been actively coding since my high school days and recently developed a user-friendly mobile app designed to connect users with local volunteer opportunities. I'm here to engage with fellow tech enthusiasts, swap insights on exciting projects, and stay updated on the latest industry trends."

Advice: In casual settings, maintain an approachable demeanor and be open to dialogue. Highlight your practical coding skills and the app you've built. Express your genuine interest in the tech community and a willingness to learn from others' experiences.

Whatever you do, be brief and honest

As you can probably tell, there are many different ways to word elevator pitches. And there are tons more responses possible from your contacted parties. Work hard at being honest about your current situation. And disclose your background and experience to make the best of your pitch. 

Our best piece of advice is for you to keep this short and never underestimate the power of a 30-second elevator pitch. On the other hand, practice until you feel you’ve nailed it. 

The video we’re sharing on elevator pitches will be able to guide you to learn more. Though more geared towards startup business pitches, it will be a great and quick visual addition for you to fully grasp what elevator pitches are all about.

If you need a presentation to support your pitch, make sure you browse through our template section, so you can download the one you need for free.

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