How To Design A Pitch Deck

15 Best Investor Pitch Deck Examples from Successful Startups

How To Design A Pitch Deck
March 4, 2022

As an entrepreneur, you are certainly aware that your firm or idea requires funding. This funding will frequently come from outside sources, i.e., persons who are not friends or relatives. This implies you'll need to present your ideas to potential financiers in a way that piques their interest in investing in your company.

To put it another way, you'll need a pitch deck.

There are different ways of designing a pitch deck, but know that not just any pitch deck wins the investor’s heart – it is the well-designed one that does. Designing pitch decks demands following certain steps and tips, and this article will give you just that, if – only if – you finish reading this article. 

So, shall we?

What Is Pitch Deck Design?

The process (and art) of producing and designing pitch decks are referred to as pitch deck design. Pitch decks must be carefully designed in order to achieve one genuine goal: hooking and reeling in a potential investor.

In recent years, a plethora of tools and applications have emerged on the internet to be used expressly for the purpose of designing and constructing pitch decks. Yes, there are many options, but you only need one to give you the best. A well-known pitch deck design firm can be found here. On their website, you can also read client testimonials.

How Do You Design a Pitch Deck?

Here are some tips to note when creating a pitch deck:

Write for your Intended Audience.

You'll need a strong pitch deck voice once you've determined your target audience.

A solid pitch deck voice is similar to a writing style for various audiences. You can use a professional, casual, conversational, or scholarly tone in your pitch decks, each with its own set of nuances.

When conversing, for example, you'll use a more relaxed tone with a few pauses and breaks. Adopting that tone will assist you in focusing your pitch deck on possible investors.

Emphasize your Unique Selling Offer

Your product's unique selling proposition is what distinguishes it from the competition. It is what distinguishes your business concept and makes it worthwhile to invest in.

This is why potential investors will consider your concept or purchase your product or service rather than your competitors'.

After you've made this selection, you'll need to decide which benefits to emphasize in your sales pitch. This choice will assist you in determining the worth of your product to your customers.

Collect Data to Back Up Your Arguments.

A lack of openness in your assertions can be disastrous for a business because it might be difficult to show that the claims are real.

Sales pitches must include evidence from scientific and experimental studies to be credible.

Claims that lack scientific evidence may encourage prospects or investors to distrust your goods or service. They can lose interest in what you have to offer. The greatest place to show potential investors that your business strategy is sound is in your pitch deck.

Display the information you use to gather data in your presentation, providing the sources as hyperlinks. 

  • Do Not Waste Time when Delivering your Pitch Deck.

The first step in delivering a fastpitch is to create a brief and appealing pitch deck. Your pitch deck should have graphics, minimal text, and clear language that everyone can comprehend.

The deck should also be brief enough to let you tell your story in one minute or less. This investment presentation deck is concise and to the point. You only have a few seconds to create an impression, so make it count.

What Software Should I Use to Create a Pitch Deck?

Here are the top pitch deck presentation software options to consider when creating your pitch deck:


SlideBean software enables you to create a simple pitch deck fast, easily, and with minimal design knowledge. The SlideBean program includes tried-and-true templates from Uber, AirBnB, and other companies that will help you create yours from scratch. SlideBean also provides design and writing services.

SlideBean is likely the greatest service for you if you want a great design and an easy-to-use solution. 


Canva is most typically used for creating resumes, flyers, and brochures, but some people use it to create pitch decks. Canva has some of the most visually appealing design templates of anyone on our list. 

Google Slides

If your team has less than desired design experience, starting with a Google Slides pitch deck template is a terrific approach to add professional design aesthetics to a pitch deck without hiring a professional designer.

How Do you Make an Amazing Pitch Deck?

Let's now look at the best practices for developing a pitch deck:

Make a Good Impression with your First Slide

An excellent pitch design cover is a good indicator of quality. It provides your audience with something to anticipate. A poorly built pitch deck cover, on the other hand, communicates a lack of preparation and attention to detail.

You should ideally have your investors' complete and undivided attention. This can be accomplished by stimulating their imaginations about how your business idea can provide them with extra money. A captivating opening slide will quickly hook them and entice them to learn more about your company.

Make it a Visual Journey Rather than Text-based

Visuals will assist you in combating information overload caused by text-heavy slides. Furthermore, pictures can help you deliver more remembered messages than text. In reality, visual learners account for 65 percent of the general population. This means that displaying photos or visuals will better explain your ideas than writing text.

Images bring your slides to life, giving your pitch deck a more visually appealing journey that potential investors will enjoy. They not only help you deliver your message faster and more effectively, but they may also reveal your personality and develop your branding. From the standpoint of presentation deck design, they can identify the sections of your pitch while also allowing your audience to take a break from the text.

Make Proper Use of Text

Typography, like pictures, plays a crucial function in better communicating your ideas.

Typography is a visual as well as audio design. Appropriate typography may speak for itself and set the right mood in your pitch deck presentation.

To develop an appealing typographic design for your target audience, use a typographic hierarchy to arrange your material and make it easy to explore. It is simple to create a typographic hierarchy. Divide your content into headings, subheadings, captions, and body text. 

Once a typographic hierarchy has been established, you can immediately specify font regulations based on family type, sizes, widths, and colors. To highlight essential elements in a slide, the body material should be distinguished from the subheadings and captions. A hierarchy makes your slides easier to read and scan.

Choose and Smartly Use Your Brand Colors

When discussing how to design a pitch deck, color is also an important consideration. It's an important aspect of transporting your audience on a visual journey. Colors have an unnoticed influence on human perceptions, such as the flavor of food.

The most common color recommendation you'll find in pitch decks is to stick to your brand's identity. This is correct, but what if you just have one color? For example, when you think of Starbucks, the only hue that comes to mind is green. You can develop a color palette depending on the hue of your major brand identification.

A color palette does not have to be comprehensive. Usually, two or three hues are plenty. Simply ensure that they are consistent throughout your slides.

Maintain Simplicity

You may be sick of hearing it, but it's a subtle reminder to keep things simple. Your potential investors are busy, and you are busy – everyone wants to wrap up a meeting as quickly as possible. You are not arguing a thesis. You're selling an idea, so keep it simple and to the point.

Starting with your presentation deck is a good place to start. Assume you made 20 slides and allotted one minute per slide. That's already 20 minutes of presenting time, without counting any Q&As or diversions.

In any presentation, keeping things simple is always the best option.

Conclude With a Compelling Call To Action.

Finally, never close a presentation without requesting your listeners to take action. The final part of your presentation should have a call to action that will clinch the deal with your potential investors and direct them to the next stage, which is funding.

Use action words to compel your audience to act as soon as feasible. If, for example, your product is an app, you can encourage the investors to try it right there and then

Why Is a Pitch Deck Important?

A well-designed pitch deck is vital for obtaining startup funding. An effective pitch to investors must convey the necessary facts while not overwhelming the investor with details. It must deliver a compelling story without manipulating the investor emotionally. Finally, it must express an enterprise's worth without creating uncertainty. A well-designed pitch deck can assist an entrepreneur in navigating these obstacles.

A winning pitch reveals your company's narrative. A well-crafted, well-told narrative makes your presentation memorable, provides an emotional effect, and communicates the value you provide in ways that data and figures alone cannot. This narrative must be coherent, concise, and linear. It is the story of discovering an issue, devising a solution, and making that solution a reality with sufficient finance. It's a story about progress and onward mobility. This story must be told in words and through the pitch deck. The arrangement of the slides creates a smooth flow, and the flow should correspond to the plot.

Pitch Deck Design Services

Today's thriving entrepreneurial movement has increased the demand for investor materials for startups as they seek to raise finance and secure key alliances and collaborations.

Pitch decks are an important element of this puzzle since they communicate vital business insights such as business models, the team, and financial projections to potential investors.

One such resource is SlideBean. You can click this link to check their previous works and portfolio.

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How To Design A Pitch Deck
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