Blog Guidelines: Guest posting on the Slidebean blog

As of this month, we'll start accepting guest post submissions for our blog.

Here are some basic stats about our audience (data as of October, 2017): 

  • Monthly Page Views: 147,725

  • Monthly Unique Pageviews: 60,000

  • Monthly Unique Visitors: 48,373

  • Average Session time: 12:19 (12 minutes, 19 seconds)


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Writing Guidelines


voice and tone

We love articles with a Colloquial and informal tone. Swearing allowed.


Best practices

Our most successful articles are about "experience" content. Tell us about a challenge you our your team had to overcome, and the stuff you did that worked and that didn't work. 

We also like  “how-to” style articles, but it's important to specify why should anyone listen to your advice on the matter. 

  • Proposed posts should, upon completion, be 1,500 words or longer.
  • We prefer you to write in the first person singular (“I”). 
  • We reserve the right to alter or remove links. We are OK with ONE, just ONE anchor text backlink to your site (like “business construction software”), but any other backlink should be very well justified in your content. 


Articles we like

These articles don’t just perform well on our site and across social media channels, they are also creative, educational, and interesting.

How to Grow your Service Business

The Shifting Sands of SaaS Funding

17 Emails we send to increase retention


Article topics and suggestions

Please do not submit generic article titles like “5 Ways to Market Your Startup” or “How to Start an eCommerce Business.” There's enough of that out there. 

Some topics we'd totally publish: 

• Startup stories, failure and success. 

• Creative and inspirational content for aspiring entrepreneurs.

• Advice, tips, and guidance from angel investors and venture capitalists.

• Content related to growing your team. 

• Product and first beta/MVP development

• Finding your co-founders. 

• How to create a go-to-market strategy.

• Growth Hacking << we love this. 


How to submit a proposal? 

To submit your article proposal, please send us an email and some topic proposals to blog [at] We'll get back in touch as soon as possible.