Blog Guidelines: Guest posting on the Slidebean blog

May 31, 2018

This document and guidelines were updated on 5/31/2018.

Slidebean will continue accepting guest post submissions for our blog. We are working to organize our content according to our followers interests, and have condensed our blog into the following sections.



This blog is focused on case studies and lessons learned from startups, either in the process of founding (recruiting, legal, operations...)or growing their user base (growth marketing).

- Articles must be written in the first person singular or plural (I, me, us, we).

- Speaking from your own experience is strongly encouraged, though case studies of other companies are also acceptable.

- We accept proposals in the following formats:

  1. Listicle (an article with a list as its thematic structure, ie "10 Ways to Warm Up Your Bedroom in Winter").
  2. Why, how, what (this structure starts by inspiring the reader with a reason or "why", then showcases the tools at hand or "how", and finishes with one or more calls to action or "what").
  3. What is, what could be (this structure cyclically reminds readers of the status quo followed by the path to a better way. The tension persuades the reader to adopt a new mindset or behave differently — to move from what is to what could be).

- Tone of writing:

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 8.50.21 AM.png

Audience Stats

Here are some basic stats about the traffic in our blogs, excluding all data from our app (data for May, 2018):

Writing Guidelines


These articles don’t just perform well on our site and across social media channels, they are also creative, educational, and interesting.

How to Grow your Service Business

The Shifting Sands of SaaS Funding

17 Emails we send to increase retention


Due to overwhelming demand, we no longer accept pitches via email.

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CEO at Slidebean/FounderHub. TEDx Speaker. 500 Startups Alum. 40-under-40.
Slidebean 5.0 is here! A quick overview of the latest release

My, how time flies! Five versions already! I promise you we don’t want to go down the rabbit hole of naming versions with numbers, Apple-style, and the number is somewhat irrelevant. The real point is that we’ve grown (and luckily, learned) a lot over the course of 6 years and that growth is reflected in the 5 major releases we’ve done so far (roughly, one major update per year since 2014).

A note from the CEO

Running a startup has been one of the two most amazing experiences in my life (the other being raising a kid). It's an everyday problem-solving challenge. It's an everyday brainstorm. It requires you to reinvent yourself every other week, to try and outsmart the smartest people, who also happen to have more experience and more money. Holidays and weekends are but an illusion when the fate of 25 co-workers and hundreds of thousands of users rests on the decisions you have to 'sleep on.'

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