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Every entrepreneur prepares for a startup’s funding round. And a helpful pitch tool can make that journey a much easier one to travel.

Pitch tool presentation

A Pitch presentation software is here to help startups polish their business pitches. And they ideally do so with great design and efficiency. That’s why we’re taking a look at the benefits of using pitch software for your business presentations

Team collaboration

One of the benefits to pitch presentation software is how they facilitate collaborative ideas. Pitch tools help teams, and they do great in terms of team building! 

It’s easy to sense how working on a plan as a team helps diversify your options. We know having different perspectives on the same topic can broaden your range of solutions. But all this enhances a company’s problem-solving, too. 

Pitch tools also let diverse people from different areas focus on a single objective. A very fruitful display of possibilities can result from that. Responses and solutions become endless!

Teams can still come together without pitch software. Yet, a single platform that gives editing access to the same source of a given material diminishes communication barriers. That means more agility.

At Slidebean, for example, our online team collaboration feature makes it easy to add members of a startup to a single deck. This option helps everyone edit what they think needs improvement.  

Pre-formatted pitch tool templates

Another big one in favor of pitch presentation software is how they typically integrate templates. Any decent business platform works hard at making business templates available. So the wide variety of topics and examples of pre-formatted slides is a very valuable criterion to determine which pitch software to use. 

We’ve worked hard at Slidebean to make the best of startup presentation templates. And that includes making as many different startup pitch decks available with outstanding design enhancements. That’s also why we put the 35 best together for you. Yet, we also make the best of what worked for famous startups in raising funds in the past. And this is just a single area as an example. 

There are also students to think of in terms of their master’s thesis defense. Real estate agents and home-owners can benefit from a comparative market analysis. Salespeople could profit from a solid sales pitch deck template. And marketers could take advantage of a pre-filled service proposal template for a marketing client

So, whether your field is academic, marketing and PR, sales, or any startup of any kind, it’s always a significant gain to rely on a structure. And, as you prepare for pitching, it’s just fabulous to make edits to your liking. 

Rather than limit your options, templates give a much-needed sense of direction. They also cut down on time. 

What’s even better is that templates help you as reminders. They’re a way of recalling essentials. They thus reduce oversights to vital information. It’s easier not to forget the details we need when we have a fixed structure. 

Presentation themes

Another meaningful advantage of pitch tools is how they allow you to change pitch deck themes. Those can provide full new views! 

Moreover, themes that let you integrate your company’s branding will boost your corporate identity. Hence why our co-founder and CDO wrote on corporate identity: how to bring your brand into your presentations. 

Being able to blend your startup’s overall image to your deck is essential. Slidebean can integrate your logo into your slides. By identifying your company’s color palette, we create customized pitch decks for startups.  

Your brand also needs a unique and consistent voice. That’s how you make a great impression on your target audiences. And an outstanding pitch tool should be able to give you just that. 

With the help of AI

Artificial intelligence is another big one to consider for us as we incorporated AI into business presentations!  

Relying on an automated resolution to produce the best available pitch deck design is an undeniable advantage of pitch tools. 

Powered by a genetic algorithm, Slidebean’s AI feature tests thousands of configurations for every slide. Better yet, it does so in a fraction of a second. It is that powerful! 

You hit a button, wait for a second or two, and have perfectly aligned slides based on a series of predefined traits. Doing so examines the best possible selection. 

The above means our AI engine takes the content you uploaded and arranges it for you. Our CEO presents so in this 2-minute video on how Slidebean works

It’s thus a matter of a click before you get a new result on your presentation. And, should you not like it, you can keep clicking for changes. 

Sharing your work

Another attribute to pitch presentation software is the ability to share your business material with critical stakeholders of diverse kinds. 

For example, we thoroughly advise using a presentation link to share your startup presentation with others. Doing so allows you to track viewed slides on the receiver’s end. 

The above feature to a pitch tool furthermore enables you to remove access to anyone with the link. As such, you get full control over what you share over time. 

Options for formatting

Another aspect to consider as a plus to pitch tools is how you can export presentations in diverse formats. From HTML and PDF to online sharing and PPT files, you have a diversified set of options once you create presentations over pitch deck software. 

The above is phenomenal as different audiences have diverse needs. And pitch tools allow you to be the owner to a single material that you can distribute by various means as stakeholders require.

Make the best of it!

As we’ve seen, pitching software can considerably ease your business life. So we hope this information has been useful to you. 

All in all, we wish you’re able to make beautiful and professional presentations in no time with a superb design! Make the best of the tools at your disposal! And please never hesitate to let us know if there’s any way we can be of help, through our app or our presentation design services.

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