Industries that are thriving during the COVID-19 crisis
Angelica A.
April 13, 2020

Industries that are thriving during the COVID-19 crisis

Angelica A.
April 13, 2020
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For as hard as these times are to face, industries that are thriving during the COVID-19 crisis do exist. And we’ll define them for you next in case this information helps your business endeavors. Online learning, online events, conferencing call software, and telemedicine are already evidently visible industries that are thriving right now. So we’ve focused on a bit less apparent markets that are equally seeing a peak in sales right now. As an example, let’s check out our first!

Time for pizza!

Ordering pizza will never get old, especially not when everyone’s stuck at home! And, in times of quarantine, that’s what trends seem to point. There’s a definite rise in business for pizza places. And the demand doesn’t seem to be exclusive to a specific brand. From Pizza Hut to more troubling trajectory types of companies like Papa John’s and Domino’s, there’s a slice for every competitor to this pizza business, it seems. So much so that, during times when unemployment is a primary concern, all these pizza parlors are massively hiring. 

But wait! How does pizza make it to most people? The response to that ties up with our second option.

Delivery services

With most restaurants moving strictly to take out or home delivery, the door to door business is equally on the rise. Many people are coming around with delivery services for new ventures as they face confinement. People who have fallen into the 3.3 million of unemployment filings in the US last week alone must be looking at innovative ways to make ends meet. 

The above can mean turning to an option as the new openings for Pizza Hut delivery partners or opening up an Uber driver app to make use of the resources we have, along with other measures. We covered how a high unemployment rate will affect your business in a separate article, so head on over there in case you want to see how startups will be affected by the COVID pandemic in the short and long term. Tons to analyze there!

For now, let’s keep our focus on the industries that are thriving during the COVID-19 crisis. And those include delivery services of all kinds. From food to packaging, getting items delivered from all sorts of commerce is sparing consumers by removing the added risk of visiting a brick and mortar shop. 

Yet, this is moreover the only option for most to acquire certain commodities and products at this time. Many stores had to close, yet continue to service a reduced (and slowly peaking) clientele over the most sought-after delivery services. 

Burn those calories online!

Some might be eating more than usual, boosting what we know are the busiest of supermarkets. As supermarket stores are amongst the most apparent businesses that are not only surviving but part of the industries that are thriving during the COVID-19 crisis, we’ll go for the other side of the token to this food industry, as well. Let’s focus on online workout events and fitness apps. 

Another effect of brick and mortar stores closing is how it hits the wellness industry. Online classes as a substitute to live gym workouts and various online fitness tools are one of the clear industries that are thriving during the COVID-19 crisis. Going online to offer workout possibilities to people is currently a needed service, and a perfect health balancing strategy. 

For entrepreneurs who were in these kinds of large companies that have since had to shut down indefinitely, a new business opportunity is opening up as employers seek to give better perks to employees who are currently working remotely from home. Online workout sessions are helping to boost team morale as staff members must stay indoors. And other more virtually-open gym corporations are sending their instructors to the internet realm, as well. They’re thus making online classes available to subscribed members who continue to pay monthly or annual fees for their previous workout spots. 

Don’t get us wrong! The fitness industry is taking an unprecedented toll amidst this coronavirus. Yet, this is also a clear example of a market that is turning finances around through innovative thinking. They’re also in the high luxury of an increasing interest of people in confinement as we all need to stay healthy in different ways. And it’s great that people can do that. 

For others who are more in need of equipment, workout gear that’s able to provide an outdoor feel while staying indoors is highly on demand. Peloton needed to close doors to their brick and mortar stations, as well, but the rise in use of platforms that allow people to continue to work out, or train together despite the distance, is definitely at a spike right now. 

Are you missing the movies?

Can you believe drive-in movie theaters are back in demand now? And it makes full sense. For those accustomed to a casual trip to the movies to vent, clear the head, or for pure film fanatics, COVID’s caused enough fear to make sharing a movie theater room with many people a risky affair. 

As traditional movie theaters close, the LA Times is reporting an augmented interest in drive-in theaters in California, Missouri, Oklahoma, and other states. There’s a surprising total of 305 drive-in theaters, in accordance to that source of news, and they’re all seeing social distancing send at least double the number of usual clients their way. 

What can we learn from these?

Moreover, what matters is what these industries that are thriving during the COVID-19 crisis are teaching us about doing business. And the lesson is clear. 

Revise your positioning. Ensure a steady working environment for your team and reliable service to customers. Face uncertainty head-on by moving along as the market keeps changing. Adapt to the changes to make the best out of people’s habits rock hard right now. New needs call for new measures. And that opens up a door of opportunity for those growing businesses that need to stay or secure themselves afloat. 

For Papa John’s, for instance, these times are a chance to leave lousy rep behind. Instead, they seem to seek to step up to the platter with new technology measures to ease touchless orders and swift delivery experiences. 

How can your business improve through this crisis and moving forward? We’ll be glad to know. Maybe a pitch deck or a good company profile are good starting points!

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