Investment Proposal Template by NextView Ventures

Investment Proposal Template by NextView Ventures


So you've finally managed to book a meeting with potential investors and want to show off your project, but you're not quite sure what to display or where to start. Don't panic.

NextView Ventures put together this Investment Proposal Template, which covers key information and metrics that investors want to see before backing your project. The template consists of a traditional deck, with 15+ backup slides that you can use to answer common questions that are raised during investor meetings. 

The slides for this template cover anything from the problem your company targets, to competitor analysis and a deep dive into your metrics. 

The first slide starts with a question so you can grab your potential investors attention from the start of your presentation; and the final slide is a quote/statement as to where your company is going, so you can end your presentation with a bang that will make investors keep you in mind.

We've been in your shoes before so we wish you the very best at your investor meeting.